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All Of Nicolas Cage's Hairstyles, Ranked

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One of the most timeless debates in the history of cinema asks whether Nicolas Cage is the greatest actor of his generation, a raving lunatic over-actor, or some brilliant combination of both (just check out our Nicolas Cage movies list to see his great body of work). However, it seems that one possible indicator of how wild, over-the-top, or ingenious his performance is going to be in any given film may be found his character's choice of hairstyle.

Fans have seen a lot of different looks from the Oscar-winning star over the years - from his early days as a 20-something heartthrob with a thick head of light brown, hand-tossed hair to his action-star days, in which his style ran the gamut from long and stringy to close-cut and thinning. In recent years, Cage has played around a lot more with his facial-hair combos as well, adding nuance to certain roles with a blonde goatee or even a full, salt-and-pepper beard.

Here's a look at some of the celebrated, enthusiastic actor's weirdest, wildest, and strangest styles, each different from one another and each adding their own complex layers to the loud, brash, and charismatic characters Cage invariably embodies with gusto.

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