20 Funny Nicolas Cage Posts That Prove He's A National Treasure

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Whether you're a fan of his from National Treasure or Con Air, Nic Cage is a national treasure in his own right. All hail Nicolas Cage.

Photo: Reddit / Tumblr

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    Nic Is Everywhere

    Nic Is Everywhere
    Photo: u/falconfalcone / Reddit
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    Movie Puns

    Movie Puns
    Photo: u/Skip_Ransom / Reddit

    From Redditor u/pingy34:

    National Tresemé

    From Redditor u/bulletprooftampon:

    L'Oréal of War

    From a former Redditor:

    Con Hair

    From Redditor u/Dookie_boy:

    Ghost Drier

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    Plot Twist Text

    Plot Twist Text
    Photo: u/GrumpiestSnail / Reddit
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    Guess Who

    Guess Who
    Photo: u/TheMusto / Reddit
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    Life Changing Decision

    Life Changing Decision
    Photo: u/CashMeOussides / Reddit
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    The Gift That Keeps On Looking For The Declaration Of Independence 

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