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Who Will Die In The Battle Against The Night King?

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The first two episodes of the final season of Game of Thrones have been suspiciously calm. No characters have died, and most interactions have been sweet, surprising, or a mix of both - looking at you, Arya and Gendry. 

Still, a sense of doom has lingered over even the most heartwarming of scenes. When we see a character's arc complete - like when Jaime knighted Brienne of Tarth - we know that the character's demise cannot be too far behind. The creators behind Game of Thrones are not ones to leave loose ends, and there have been clues as to who will bite the dust as they battle the Night King. 

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    He swore his allegiance to the Starks after betraying them seasons ago. Could he die defending Bran in the Godswood? 

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    Beric made nice with Arya and apologized for the circumstances under which they last met - when he was selling Gendry. He reaches for a drink and joins the Hound on his late-night boozin'. 

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    Dolorous Edd, AKA Eddison Tollett, acting Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, has had his fair share of close calls. Nothing would cut Jon Snow deeper than seeing his best friend turn into a Walker on the battlefield.

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    The leader of the Unsullied is going to be in the front lines of battle. Statistically speaking, he is DOA. Good thing he kissed Missandei goodbye.

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    She was just knighted, fulfilling a lifelong dream. No one in Game of Thrones is allowed to have something nice for too long.

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    Jorah has made it known since Day One he would die for Dany. Finally cured of his greyscale, now might be the chance he finally gets to prove his undying loyalty to the Mother of Dragons.

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    He sang a beautiful song while drinking with his fellow warriors in Winterfell the night before the battle. He is Brienne of Tarth's protégé, and they could die defending one another from Walkers. 

    He also has a magical c*ck. That has to mean something. 

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    The young Lady of Bear Island refused to go underground with the rest of the women and children. Instead, she wants to join the battle and fight against the Night King with her men.

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    There's no way the Night King won't be using Viserion in his battle against the living. Will the other two dragons take him out?

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    We didn't see that little girl with a Greyscale scar for nothing. Chances are Davos will die defending her, as she reminds him of Stannis's daughter who burned at the stake.

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    Dany and Jon have all of the women and children (and Tyrion) going to the crypts for safety. They seem to have overlooked the fact the Night King can control the dead and that the crypt is, you know, full of dead people. 

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    The wildling revealed he drank Giant breast milk (really) and wore his heart on his sleeve for Brienne. Perhaps he will bite the dust defending his love. 

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    Gilly is hanging in the Winterfell Crypts with her own child and the rest of the women and children. Not the best place to be.

  • 14

    Hey, remember Ghost? In case you didn't, he popped up as a quick reminder right before he turns into an undead Dire Wolf a la Sam in I Am Legend. Get ready to cry.

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    Game of Thrones loves throwing curveballs, and this would be the biggest one. What if the Night Watch and Winterfell defeated the Walkers and the rest of the season was spent battling at King's Landing?

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    He just made right with all of his former enemies and knighted Brienne of Tarth in a tear-inducing ceremony. Time to die a hero, Sir Lannister!

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    A woman of action, there is no way she won't dive into battle if she discovers Grey Worm is in trouble. Also, the couple started planning for the future, which we all know is a mistake.

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    The Hound finally made nice with Arya. While everyone is cheering for a Hound vs. Mountain showdown, Sandor could meet his demise earlier than expected. 

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    When Jon Snow told Danenerys they were releated, the Mother of Dragons was more concerned about her claim to the Iron Throne than the fact they got down and dirty. Could this revelation lead her to side (and die) with the Night King?

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    Bran and the Night King have had beef for a minute. The Three-Eyed Raven volunteered to sit in the godswood and lure in the Night King, who left his mark on Bran. Without Hodor, who will protect him?

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    Rhaegal, the one Jon rode, could easily join Viserion as an undead ice dragon. 

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    Sweet Sam. The scholar is down in the crypts with Gilly and others. Will he have the strength to fight off undead Starks?

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    Dany's largest dragon, named after her dear Khal Drogo. If Viserion can turn into an undead dragon, so can Drogon.

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    The Lady of Winterfell is at odds with Dany, and a bunch of White Walkers are about to bust up her castle. Sansa is resourceful and has suffered her fair share of brutal circumstances, but this battle may be one she can't find a way out of. 

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    Following nearly every trope about virginity, Arya Stark seduces Gendry. "'We're probably going to die tomorrow, I want to know what this feels like before that happens."