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Who Will Die In The Battle Against The Night King?

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The first two episodes of the final season of Game of Thrones have been suspiciously calm. No characters have died, and most interactions have been sweet, surprising, or a mix of both - looking at you, Arya and Gendry. 

Still, a sense of doom has lingered over even the most heartwarming of scenes. When we see a character's arc complete - like when Jaime knighted Brienne of Tarth - we know that the character's demise cannot be too far behind. The creators behind Game of Thrones are not ones to leave loose ends, and there have been clues as to who will bite the dust as they battle the Night King. 

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    He is slowly falling out of favor with Dany, and the Mother of Dragons has him hanging in the totally-not-safe Winterfell Crypts. "I think we might live," he joked over wine. 

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    Jon has never been one for timing. The true heir to the Iron Throne told Dany - you know, the woman with two dragons who is hellbent on taking the throne - that he has true claim to it. His death during the Night King battle could be written off as an unhappy accident.