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"Night Moves" movie quotes follow the suspense as three environmental activists join together for an attention-grabbing stunt that will change their lives forever. The thriller was directed by Kelly Reichardt using a screenplay she co-wrote with Jonathan Raymond. After appearing at the 70th Venice International Film Festival, "Night Moves" opened theatrically in the United States on May 30, 2014.

In "Night Moves," organic farmer Josh (Jesse Eisenberg) and black sheep Dena (Dakota Fanning) join up with a somewhat disturbed but highly trained former U.S. Marine Harmon (Peter Sarsgaard) to make a statement. Together, they plan to carry out an attack on an Oregon hydroelectric dam which will start a revolution to bring the power back to the people and the land.

But when things don't go exactly as they anticipated, the best-laid plans crumble and each find themselves in delicate situations. Eve worse, word of their actions spread around town and each face their own threats and as a result, tough decisions.

The drama film co-stars Alia Shawkat, Logan Miller, Kai Lennox and Katherine Waterston.

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God Knows That Dam Wants to Come Down

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Dena: "2048 the oceans are going to be empty. How deep is this anyway?"
Harmon: "200 feet"
Josh: "God knows that dam wants to come down."

Dena and Josh talk about the dam that they plan to blow up. As environmental activists, they despise everything about the dam and want to make a statement saying just that.
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Let the Revolution Begin

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Dena: "Let the revolution begin for the future, for the people, for the planet."
Josh: "People are going to start thinking anyway. People are going to start thinking. They have to."

Dena and Josh express their motives for the job. They want to start a revolution to save the planet and get people talking. Their motives are good, their actions however are questionable.
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You Trust Him?

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Dena: "Are we almost there?"
Josh: "He's pretty out there."
Dena: "I thought you said he lived close."
Josh: "He does. This is close."
Dena: "You trust him? He knows what he's talking about?"
Josh: "Yeah, he was trained by the best, the United States Marine Corp."

Dena and Josh head out to meet with Harmon, the third in their trio. While Josh trusts that Harmon is legit, Dena has her doubts.
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Could You Please Shut Up?

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Dena: "We all should know what we're dealing with here."
Josh: "Look, could you please shut up?"

Dena has a little issue with keeping her mouth shut. She asks a lot of questions and talks in public just a little too much. This worries the guys.
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