Nightshift Workers Are Sharing Their Weirdest Encounters After Dark, And They Really Deserve A Raise

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Working the nightshift in any job is not an easy task. Redditor u/Tiny-Dragonfruit7864 asked, "What are your nightshift horror stories?" and the internet had some wild responses. Vote up the creepiest encounters while on the nightshift.

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    Dead-Eyed Stare

    From Redditor u/ObnoxiousSpaceCat:

    Oh man, I hate recalling this story. I work nightshift at a rehab facility. We have a protected gate with a camera looking down from above and one of those doorbell cameras. In the office, the camera monitor is on one wall and the doorbell monitor is on another. I was doing some paperwork and see this guy walk past, stop for a few seconds, then slowly turned around, walk back and stared up at the camera. And he kept staring. The facility is in a rough neighborhood so I’m fairly used to folks hanging out around the gate and usually ignore it. But the way he was staring was off putting. Like, his eyes and expression were hollow and dead, almost as if he were in deep thought about something horrible. I was pretty sure he was zonked on synthetics. I used the intercom to see if he was okay but he just kept staring directly at the camera.

    We have a rule - if it’s not hurt or trying to come through the fence, just let it be. No sense in engaging needlessly with somebody potentially hostile or f*cking with the locals. Y’all, he stood there and stared at that camera for two hours. That same dead-eyed expression staring right at me. I did a round and came back to find him gone, which only creeped me out more.

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    Encountering An Exorcism Victim On Shift

    From Redditor u/Papamedic80:

    I’m a paramedic working graveyard shift. One night, got called for a situation unknown police on the way. There was a lady around 40 and she just arrrived in the country. She was laying on the couch eyes wide open, pupils fully dilated. Their is almost no white in her eye. She’s breathing normally, but she’s not moving. At one point, she screamed and her body jerked in a way that no living thing should move.

    A friend of her was with her and she was the one who called 911. Trying to figure what happen to the girl and asking basic medical question, her friend told me that she had been exorcized twice in Colombia before.

    At that point I was scared a little. Since she is not responding at all, we bring her top the hospital. All of her muscles were so hard that when we decided to take her to our stretcher, we were able to carry her like a plank in the stairs. She also tried to scratch my face with her nails, and once every 5-10 mins screamed like something I had never seen before.

    She went to psych ward after. Never heard from her again... 15 years later i’m still wondering if it was a real demoniac possession or just a psych condition...

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    The Mumbling Boy Behind The Counter

    From Redditor u/FlatteredPawn:

    It was 3am. Popular Canadian coffee shop. There is one old baker in the back that rarely interacts with me past a dirty joke or a dirtier ditty from his Navy days. Other than that I'm alone. Not another soul around the area and I expect it to remain so for at least an hour yet. I'm boxing up the day old's for the homeless shelter when I swear I see something out of the corner of my eye. It's behind me.

    I turn, then look down. There's a small child standing there. A native little toddler with a faux-hawk staring at me intensely. I'm struck dumb with how absurd the situation is. How did he get behind the counter? I didn't hear the door open, or see him come through the counter. I scan the storefront. No one. I yell for the baker in case he has a friend or something visiting that lost their kid. He comes over, and like me, does a double take at the kid and is baffled.

    Kid starts muttering incoherently. I get him a glass of water and a donut hole and the baker runs out of the store to do a perimeter of the block. I call the non-emergency line and explain I have a little kid with no parents. I can't get any information from the boy, just mumbles I can't make out.

    Police arrive. Baker comes back says that he can't find anyone else in the streets. The guy from the 24/7 corner store said he'll keep an eye out. Police try to speak to the kid and also get nothing but mutterings and half-hearted gestures. They take him away.

    I see them again for their morning coffee and they told me the little guy walked several kilometers from the nearest reservation in the dead of night to my store. He had got into his parents medicine cabinet and just... walked out of the house. I'm floored. It must have taken that poor baby hours to get to me.

    Seeing him behind me like that in the dead of the night still shakes me. Spooked me more than the guy that threw a pot of coffee at me, the woman that tried to stab me with a plastic spoon because I refused to give her a metal one, and the dude that waited around for 4 hours hoping to catch me alone so he could teach me a lesson since I didn't have the flavor of bagel he wanted.

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    'Broken Car' With A Skeleton Crew

    From Redditor u/_my_poor_brain_:

    Worked night shift at a large grocery store, one that wasn't open overnight but had a skeleton crew to work the loads and do prep and clean. I worked near the entrance - large glass doors but visually blocked off from my vantage point. Around 3 am, I hear knocking on the doors. This isn't completely uncalled for, usually it's someone coming in for an early shift but didn't have a keycard, sometimes it's someone's food delivery, or sometimes a customer who thinks we are open despite clearly being closed. I approach the door, it's a man that I don't recognize, wet from the rain. He looks normal enough, but something about him unnerved me. He had that vibe to him - you know the one, where it seems like maybe they're on their way to becoming a full blown meth-head, but for now they still manage to give the appearance of functionality. He was holding his sh*t together just enough to appear normal, but the edges were definitely shaky. Anyway, without unlocking the door, I announced that the store was closed. He told me that he just needed my help, his car had broken down in the parking lot and he needed a boost. I didn't drive, so I told him I couldn't help him. I should have walked away there, but he was out in the rain and I did legitimately feel bad, so I told him I would see if anyone of our few crew did drive.

    I did find someone who was willing to help, and got the night crew manager involved as well. We went out, turns out he was parked a bit off from the entrance, in a fairly secluded spot, and he had a lady with him. There was a similar vibe with her - almost but not exactly normal. It didn't click right away, but I figured they had been hooking up in the car in the parking lot, maybe left the radio or lights on and drained the battery. To me, that explained the weird unnerving feeling - they either felt ashamed, or guilty, and it was showing through. Anyway, my coworker goes over to help give them a boost. The manager and I stay out there with him, nearby, watching. The two lovebirds kept peeking over at us a bit uncomfortably.

    After a few moments, the coworker returns from the car, and hurries us back inside. We don't see them drive off, which seems odd. We get inside, lock up again, and then the coworker thanks us for staying out there with him, and not leaving him alone with them. He also caught on to the unnerving air about them, and it made him worried. What worried him more, was when it also turned out that there was nothing wrong with their car.

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