Graveyard Shift

Night Shift Security Guards Describe The Creepiest Things They've Seen On The Job  

Bailey Brown
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Spooky tales from security guards who work the night shift are unexpectedly diverse. The creepiest night shift stories shared on Reddit, from guards who have worked everywhere from a brewery to a nursing home, feature laughing clowns, screaming nuns, and wild animals that become bold when the sun goes down.

Anyone who works a graveyard shift, when all is dark, quiet, and a little foreboding, might be more prone to weird work encounters. Security guards, like prison guards, get a double whammy because they're in charge of actually looking into the weirdness.  

Some of the strangest stories from security guards after dark are also the most entertaining. And though these harrowing tales often start out like the opening of a horror film, some do have a happy ending.

A Humanoid Creature Hangs Around The Bar At Night

From Redditor /u/Xalxa:

I work third-shift security at a brewery. My first week of working here, something just felt off. I dismissed it as it being a new work environment, plus me being alone at night. [There are] two main buildings - the brewery, and the bar about 200 feet away, on the same property. The third-shift guards hang out in the bar at night since it has a good overlook of the facility. The lights automatically turn off and come on with motion.

I was coming back from a patrol around the facility. The lights in the main room and the back room were off, but the door to [the] back room was open. I walked into the bar like normal, and the lights came on after I took a few steps inside. Then I froze.

In that doorway there was a thing. Humanoid, but not quite. Its arms were way too long, and its hair covered most of its upper body. The doorway was almost too small for it to get through. But after a few seconds, I blinked, and it was gone. Apparently I'm not the only one who's seen it. After asking around a bit, a few of the day-shift guys seem to know what I'm talking about, but most refuse to talk about him.

Over the next few weeks I had a few more run-ins with him, but only in the bar. I thought he couldn't leave it. One of the main public areas inside the brewery has a set of two doors - the outside and inside doors, kind of like an airlock. When you scan your access card after hours, the doors automatically open, then close after about 30 seconds. The outside door has a tendency to get stuck though.

So I stood in that "airlock" space, looking outside, waiting for the door to close. The inside door closed first, behind me. Then the outside door closed. As it did, I see in the reflection the thing standing right behind me. Towering over me, staring down. Long arms hanging at his side.

I no longer stand in that space when I wait for the doors to close. I go inside, turn the lights on, then turn around and wait for the door to close.

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Tools Moved Around On Their Own

From Redditor /u/Ole_Robin:

[I was the] last overnight shift watch on a Naval Air Station in a building that did advanced maintenance on planes, but was not a hangar.

Around 2 am on my rounds I hear people talking from the mechanic shop. No big deal as sometimes those guys pull all-nighters or are asked to come in early. I go down there because I'm bored but all the lights are off and it's empty. Weird.

I tell the senior watch on duty in the front of the building and he says no one has signed in and it's just the two of us.

About an hour later I hear it again while walking around and I investigate. Lights out, no one is there. Getting weirder.

The third time it happens, it's about 4 am and the senior watch and I are sitting up front watching TV and both clearly hear tools being thrown around the mechanic shop, clanging on the floor and hollow banging against an engine that was in there. He tells me to go see what's going and I tell him no way. My discharge is in about a month and he could go look himself. He shrugs it off and [goes] back to watching TV.

I check in with the mechanic guys the next day and they say their tools had not been moved and no one had been in overnight.

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A Pack Of Coyotes Stalked Them

From Redditor /u/Gnarbuttah:

I used to work security for a ski resort; I was swing shift, 4 pm to midnight. After every shift I had about a 20-minute walk down a dark mountain road through the woods to reach my bus stop. Also, there were no streetlights...

After a week or so I started getting stalked by a pack of coyotes. One coyote isn't terribly impressive, like an ugly medium-size dog. Two coyotes aren't super intimidating either, but three or more is a different story; once it's a proper pack, they get bold.

The first couple nights it was just one or two. I could see their eye shine about 40 or 50 yards in the woods. They'd check me out, then run off. After a week or two, more started showing up, four or five at a time; once I counted eight.

The thing is, once there were three or more they didn't run off. They'd follow me from the treeline, every once and a while crossing the street in front of or behind me. They also stopped keeping their distance; they'd come as close as 20 feet or less.

Seeing eight pairs of glowing eyes is creepy, but the noises they make - holy f*ck. I carried bear mace at the ready during my walks to the bus stop for the whole season.

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A Laughing Clown Statue Was The 'Intruder'

From Redditor /u/Iamninja28:

During my time as a sheriff's deputy, I worked as a night guard for a local branch of a massive investment firm for extra cash... the 4 pm to 12 am shift on weekends. There were only two guards on shift at any time... The facility was three buildings across a four-acre property, gated, and on the tail end of an industrial park, on the border of a really rough neighborhood...

One night I was on guard during December, [and] a lot of the desks were covered in Christmas decorations and wrapping paper. The other guard... was a fellow soldier with me in the National Guard, so we both knew we were trained and had each other's backs... Suddenly my radio lit up, and my buddy tells me the cameras in one of the cubicle areas was feeding black, and he thinks the lights went out, and my job was to walk over there and reset the breaker and get the lights back on.

I turned around and began to walk down the hallway, it was absolutely pitch black - no service lights, no door lights, no faint glow of computers left on, nothing. The air felt cold, [and] my flashlight felt darker than normal; something wasn't right.

My heartbeat began to speed up as I remembered the breaker room was all the way in the back, near the server, and I had to walk down nearly 40 rows of cubicles to get there... I kept hearing this odd clicking sound as I began to slowly walk through the cubicle row.

Suddenly, I saw a silhouette crouched down between two cubicles in the back... I pinged the radio twice to signal my buddy to get 911 on standby, and began to slowly walk toward it, issuing verbal commands.

"Stand up, face me, NOW!" I yelled at the silhouette, wondering why it wasn't moving. As my flashlight hit it, it was a clown statue holding a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I laughed... [M]y hands were shaking, I was sweaty, I genuinely was happy I didn't have to use force or possibly take a life that night. I felt so relieved. I walked up to it, planning to move it back inside of a cubicle to get it out of our way. Suddenly [it] lit up and laughed, "BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," loudly and sharply.

I took off running. The thing absolutely caught me off guard and scared the living [crap] out of me. Nothing scared me as much as that clown laughing at me. Eyes and nose glowing red. I ran all the way back to the front desk and made my buddy get the lights on in there.

I'm not even scared of clowns normally, but that one in particular would continue to creep me out for the rest of the time I worked there.

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