makeup junkie Nightmare-Before-Christmas-Sally-Look  

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those magical cross-seasonal movies, and now you can mimic Sally's look by watching this rad makeup tutorial video.

Start with a base of mottled gray. You want full coverage, but not too dark as the look you're going for here is "sexy dead," and the gray-on-skin look will give you a chalky blue hue. Nice.

Next, shade your eyes in a pale color like white or cream to give them that hollow look, and add fake eyelashes on the top of your eyelids. That gives you that surreal, wide-eyed look. Don't forget to widen that smile and paint some stitch lines on your neck for the maudlin super-dead effect. Finish the look with a lush red wig, because after all, this is a fun cartoon look even if they're all dead.

Watch the video for a transformative tutorial in become your own Nightmare Before Christmas.

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