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15 People Share How They Realized They Were The "Nightmare Ex" So You Don't Become One Too

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Relationships aren't always easy, and they don't always work out. And when things come to an end, it can be easy to get swept up in the drama of it all. We all have some bad ex stories, but these Redditors have admitted to BEING a bad ex. Read on to learn how people realized they were nightmare exes so you don't become one yourself.

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    They Sent Long Texts And Left A Note On Their Ex's Car

    From Redditor u/mobscenity:

    She told me that she was bored, and generally unhappy. We were both employed on shift work at the time, and our routine consisted of wake up, I go to my computer and play league of legends or some other pointless game, while she laid in bed and watched Netflix. Then we'd sleep, rinse, repeat. Understandably she got bored of me. We split up.

    During this time split up, I went ballistic. Begging her to stay, promising everything again, but she wasn't having it. My mood swung and I told her to grab her stuff and get out.

    I was missing her as soon as she walked out, sending her long texts full of pathetic whining and crying. I knew she had been spending time around a guy at her work, and it didn't bother me until I went full nightmare ex and sat outside her workplace in my car and saw them exit together and get into her car. I literally followed them as she drove to his house. I waited for hours until it was clear to me that she was staying the night. I wrote a note and left it on her car, then left. Later that early morning I went back and took away the note so she wouldn't know I was in full nightmare mode. The entire week consisted of this type of behaviour.

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    They Sat Outside Their House At 3am To "Feel Close" To Their Ex

    From a former Redditor:

    A buddy of mine turned into nightmare ex but refused to accept it. We were all telling her that sitting outside his house at 3 am wasn't normal or healthy, she insisted it was the only way to feel close to him, and he had to understand.

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    They Stood In Front Of Their Ex In Public And Cried

    From Redditor u/Magush:

    We broke up, got back together for a month and then he called it off for good. Whenever I saw him out I would stand in front of him and try to speak, but just cry. In public. Standing in one spot, in front of him, and just cry until he got up and walked away. I didn't care who saw, I just wanted him to know how much pain I was in so he would take pity and love me again. He called me once to find out if it was okay that he went on a date with our mutual friend, I said okay, then called him back 5 minutes later screaming and crying. He eventually left the country to get away from me. I called him before he left and said I would go with him, it's our last chance. He politely declined. In retrospect, he was really well behaved in the face of all this, and was never nasty to me. Took me 5 years to get over him. Learned my lesson though!

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    They Were A Self-Described "Stage 5 Clinger" 

    From Redditor u/dogandcatinlove:

    I used to be a Stage 5 Clinger. I was a romantic who turned every boyfriend into my best (only) friend, family, soon-to-be-husband, entire social life... yeah. It was stressful on the guy and left me feeling constantly unfulfilled and lonely. The more lonely I got, the more life I sucked out of the poor guy. It wasn't until I dated a guy that was a CARBON COPY of my Clinger Self that I realized how toxic I was. Now I'm 'cured' thanks to having to walk 7 months in my shoes.

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    They Directed Their Hatred Towards Their Ex's Other Ex

    From Redditor u/Tamienles_808hi:

    Unfortunately I responded to my ex breaking up with me by taking it out on his ex. Apparently I was the rebound after they had broken up but after a few months he went back to her. I loved him and hated her. I was obsessed with her and how much I wanted her to suffer like I was suffering. My friends and I made her life a living hell. This was in high school and I really regret how I reacted towards her.

    Never had the chance to apologize but I'm pretty sure she still hates me 15 years later. My apologies would most likely fall on deaf ears.

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    They Tried Desperately To Get Back Together

    From Redditor u/FireJellyPenguin:

     I have no clue what came over me. He was my first serious boyfriend, and both being in our late teens, we sort of outgrew each other after 18 months. We split up amicably and remained close for a while, but we kept slipping back into the casual affection we'd always shown each other - we'd be walking together and suddenly realize we were holding hands. We agreed to put some distance between us to help us both move on.

    That's when I got weird. I don't really want to go into detail, but I did all the classic nightmare ex things - texting him constantly, threatening to harm myself, etc. I plummeted into a deep depression and somehow blamed him for it while believing that we could get back together, despite the relationship having come to its natural end. It felt like a bereavement to me. I don't remember how I came out of nightmare mode. I guess it just wore off after a while. I'm deeply ashamed of it all now, but it was over a decade ago.

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