15 People Share Their Nightmare Houseguest Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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If you've ever hosted a houseguest or been one yourself, then you probably know a thing or two about house manners and etiquette. But these Redditors tell a different story. Learn what not to do as a guest in someone else's home by reading through these houseguest horror stories.

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    They Burned Down The House With A Misguided Bonfire

    From Redditor u/lolppjoke:

    My relative stayed with my grandma and proceeded to burn the house to the ground by deciding to have a bonfire 3 feet from the side of the house.

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    They Infested The House With Fleas

    From Redditor u/Pette_Davis:

    I let a friend and her dog stay at my house over the weekend while I was away. She left my kitchen a disaster, the back door unlocked, and best of all: FLEAS. I had asked her directly if her dog was on flea prevention and she assured me it was. After I was swarmed with fleas in my living room, I questioned her again and she admitted that the “flea prevention” she was giving the dog was yeast and garlic tablets. She made no offer to help me treat the house or reimburse me. She was not invited back.

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    They Took Long Baths But Never Flushed The Toilet

    From Redditor u/illogicalfuturity:

    When I was renting an apartment my roommate had a girlfriend staying over every day for two months.

    She would take a two-hour bath and would always not flush as she was "saving" water. She also would cook and then not clean up after. Her food was always terrible.

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    They Insulted Their Cutlery, Ordered A Pizza, And Wouldn't Share It

    From Redditor u/pinner:

    My ex-husband had a less than savory friend. He walked into my home once, helped himself to my fridge without asking, and... when he got himself some silverware, had the audacity to insult it and say it looked like something a grandmother would have. Well, yes, yes it does, since it's hers and she gave it to me.

    Another time he went to my MIL's house when we told him we didn't want to hang out. We weren't even home yet! He came in, sat down, ordered a pizza that he refused to share with my MIL or BIL, and just sat there watching TV for two hours until we got back from whatever we were doing.

    He had a thing for my mom. BIG TIME. My mom was in the middle of a divorce at the time, and he kept saying things like, "What if I married your mom? Would you like me as a stepdad?" He'd even try to flirt with her, and she would not, of course, give him the time of day. She didn't like him either. 

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    They Rearranged All The Furniture

    From Redditor u/Billbapoker:

    They were house-sitting for two or three weeks... But when we got home, they'd rearranged almost all the furniture. Most of it was just moving things back, but they pushed an old teacher's desk we had down into the basement, one of those huge metal monstrosities that weigh a ton. Well, there was literally no way to get it back up those stairs without some kinda machine I couldn't afford. So that thing stayed in the basement and was sold with the home. They also damaged a recliner so it didn't recline anymore and claimed they didn't.

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    They Brought A Dog Without Asking And Didn't Clean Up After Them

    From Redditor u/Trala_la_la:

    As he is moving in, [he] said, “By the way I have a dog I hope that's fine,” as his dog runs into my house and jumps on my couch.

    Never once cleaned up the dog's poop from the backyard.

    Sits right next to me on the couch when my husband was at work and asks me to restart what I was watching from the beginning so he can join.

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