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Stories of People Whose Worst Fears Came True While on Drugs  

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While most people's experiences with psychedelic drugs are fairly pleasant, once in a while you'll be tripping and something bad happens. Not a bad trip, but something really bad - a natural disaster, storm, earthquake, or terrorist attack. Every drug user gets through these experiences differently, reacting with laughter, fear, or simply by riding it out.

With social media sites like Reddit providing a forum, drug users have shared their stories of times their worst fears came true during a trip. Some are pretty meek, like riding out a storm with some shrooms - while others are shattering, like the dramamine user who was haunted for weeks by an earthquake, or the person on acid who had a mirror shatter in front of them.

Here are stories of people high on hallucinogens during natural disasters.
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"Intense" is One Word For It
From redditor SoSickIMinAHospital: "I rode out Hurricane Katrina on 5 hits of great LSD. It was amazing, it destroyed everything around us. We spent the next few days on an acid binge convinced we were now in Mad Max times. It was......intense."
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"Earthquake on Dramamine: The Ultimate Nightmare"

From user George666:

"Everything described below happened on 22 May in Sofia, Bulgaria. 3 AM - just 1 hour after eating 10 dramamine pills with about 1 kilogram of beer while watching some dubstep creation tutorial on the internet I felt some shaking and ugly noises. At first I thought this was some new trip moment aside of the usual hallucinatory and sound experiences and body tremors but after 2-3 seconds after hearing screams from my dad I realised that this was a REAL EARTHQUAKE!

"Words can't describe the tremendous fear I felt and the instinctive thoughts of despair and helplessness racing through my head. Me and my parents got out of the shaking building along with many neighbors. The brightened colors were dream-like but I could feel some strong evil presence and damnation everywhere. 1 or 2 minutes after going out, some aftershocks started to happen making the situation even worse. [...] Absolute horror, slowed perception of time and feelings of helplessness, intensified by the deliriant pills.

"After this I was walking in the park with my family feeling the strongest shock I've ever experienced. Because of the dramamine I was like out of this world with slurred speech, difficulty walking and some chest pains. [...] The fear and evil presence were still there but I noticed some sort of increasing positive energy from the nearby people walking in the park. The sad feelings were slowly replaced by some empathy. Everything got even brighter and the positive energy get even stronger. There were even human figures appearing, disappearing and morphing into unrecognizable shapes. I was feeling like I was part of something greater, spectacular and scary event at the same time with the city looking better than ever.

"At 4 AM I got to some shop and bought a croissant. The taste was incredibly intensified like I was eating something out of this world (and eating on dramamine or weed never felt that good). Probably the experienced terror made me appreciate everything better. Then I was feeling depressed, anxious and doomed for about 10 days in a row like never before.  I was near mental breakdown fearing that my life was about to end at any possible moment. [...] I was having insomnia, panic attacks, feelings of despair, tremors and constant feelings of shaking while sleeping or sitting on my chair with even some hallucinations of shaking earth while walking to some shop.

"These days distorted my perception of time and changed my life perspective but the intensity and the fear I felt were unimaginable. I'm slowly recovering from the shock and almost feeling normal again."
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A Pleasant LSD Trip During Hurricane Sandy
From redditor tristan357: "I took LSD when Sandy was hitting us down here in Florida. I'd say do it. It was quite the weird experience. Felt connected to the earth and felt no harm could come to me."
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High on Meth and Giggling During 9/11

From Redditor myc_taco:

"It was probably close to 7am when I realized I was coming down from the meth I'd smoked and railed the night before. Not wanting to miss a day of class, I finished off the half gram I'd bought with my best friend and headed off to school. My first class was DECA, a business and entrepreneurial course which was located in an annex building. Around 8am (Central) the teacher received a phone call and was asked to turn on the news.

"Keep in mind this was the first time I had ever gone to school spun out... My class watched in horror as a plane smashed into the side of the WTC. I couldn't help but giggle. (I know, I'm an insensitive prick) When the bell rang and class was dismissed, I walked through the hallways to my next class, yelling something along the lines of, 'Ya'll really fucked up this time. Canada is attacking.'

"Note: I am Canadian. I went to high school in Southeastern Oklahoma."

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