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songs Niki & Gabi DeMartino's Top 10 Songs For an Epic Road Trip  

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We’re going on tour this fall so we came up with our top 10 songs that are perfect for long drives! When taking a long drive, music is key. We created a list of upbeat songs to jam to, moody songs, and easy-listening songs to just coast to on a long ride.

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This song is all in one. The melody, tempo, lyrics, everything is perfect for driving. You want to sing it out loud with your friends, while coasting on the road, and it makes you want to drive even more than you have too. This is why it's number one!

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This makes you think about your crush, ex, special someone, and also is so much fun to sing and scream with all your friends.

Artist: Ariana Grande

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This song makes you feel like a rebel. So it's fun to throw that rebellious bad a** song in the mix of a road trip.

Artist: Bebe Rexha

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This song is a perfect easy listening song. If you just want a song that can play in the background as you think and drive, this is the song.

Artist: M83

Albums: Before the Dawn Heals Us

Composer: Anthony Gonzalez

Length (seconds): 4:15

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