This Trans Makeup Artist Makes Stunning Tutorials And Is Completely Changing The Game

Nikita Dragun exploded onto the scene in 2013 with amazing hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube. Many in her quickly growing fan base assumed that she was just another talented girl who loved makeup. Dragun surprised many, though, when, in 2015, she came out as transgender online. 

Also known as the Mother of Draguns, the beauty influencer has since become a role model and inspiration for trans people and whomever else follows her. She offers glimpses into her transition process and is extremely vocal about self love.

Dragun has grown immensely since her first video and is the creator of her own synthetic wig line in collaboration with the Bellami Hair company. One of the most recognizable beauty vloggers on social media, she can also be found on Instagram and Twitter where she serves bomb looks and words of advice. 

In addition to the success, Dragun's had a fair share of drama since her debut. The biggest was probably her involvement with a controversial ad campaign ran by the infamous Jeffree Star. Despite any bumps in the road, though, Mama Dragun's fans have continued to support her and eagerly await all of her future slayage.