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This Trans Makeup Artist Makes Stunning Tutorials And Is Completely Changing The Game

Updated November 17, 2017 8.9k views11 items

Nikita Dragun exploded onto the scene in 2013 with amazing hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube. Many in her quickly growing fan base assumed that she was just another talented girl who loved makeup. Dragun surprised many, though, when, in 2015, she came out as transgender online. 

Also known as the Mother of Draguns, the beauty influencer has since become a role model and inspiration for trans people and whomever else follows her. She offers glimpses into her transition process and is extremely vocal about self love.

Dragun has grown immensely since her first video and is the creator of her own synthetic wig line in collaboration with the Bellami Hair company. One of the most recognizable beauty vloggers on social media, she can also be found on Instagram and Twitter where she serves bomb looks and words of advice. 

In addition to the success, Dragun's had a fair share of drama since her debut. The biggest was probably her involvement with a controversial ad campaign ran by the infamous Jeffree Star. Despite any bumps in the road, though, Mama Dragun's fans have continued to support her and eagerly await all of her future slayage.

  • Her Talent Knows No Bounds

    Even if you're hungover, Nikita Dragun has a fix for you and she loves to share her tips and tricks online. Mama Dragun's skill set is expansive and her creativity makes her makeup channel a lot of fun. She also reviews tons of new cosmetic products for anyone that needs help before a Sephora visit. Even gals and guys in search of that perfect ethereal mermaid look can go to Dragun for suggestions.

    Fans can really see how far she's come since her start in 2013.

  • She's Embracing Her Past

    Only recently has Nikita Dragun been able to open up about her old photos and younger self. She stated:

    "I felt like for a long time I was embarrassed and ashamed of who I once was, and quite honestly I wanted it to be buried. [However,] I've realized that who I was then has made me who I am now."

    Dragun has come to embrace the masculine traits she used to have, realizing they don't invalidate the "boss" that she is now.

  • The Fallout With Jeffree Star Actually Enlightened Some Fans

    As Nikita Dragun's makeup career evolved, she became better friends with the popular and infamous YouTube personality Jeffree Star. The two actively collaborated on tutorials and support each other's personal journeys. However, in February 2017, Jeffree Star's makeup campaign for his Androgyny line was called out for putting Dragun in blackface. Both MUAs received backlash. 

    Dragun defended herself and the campaign, denying the use of blackface, stating:

    "The message of this campaign is intended to welcome all gender identities, sexualities, and races to enjoy the makeup line. Additionally, the creative design for the imagery called for high contrast between light and shadow and low lighting, which lends itself to creating a mood for the imagery. This campaign is so exciting and so disruptive. I'm proud to be featured in it as a transgender woman of mixed race (my mother being Mexican and my father Vietnamese)."

    While many in the social media realm voiced their major disappointment in the ad, some of Dragun's fans vehemently defended her. Furthermore, it appears if she has distanced herself from Star. 

  • She Now Has Her Own Line Of Wigs

    Nikita Dragun's pastel hair has long been her signature. Many fans didn't even realize that those mermaid 'dos are often really flawless wigs. Her colorful style is such a trademark, that the Dragun wig collaboration with Bellami Hair makes perfect sense. Dragun released her line of synthetic hair pieces in late 2017.

    Of course, one of them is dedicated to another Mother of Dragons, platinum blonde bombshell Khaleesi from Game of Thrones.