Here's What NikkieTutorials Thinks Of Your Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

Obviously, NikkieTutorials is obsessed with dramatic eye makeup; her unabashed love for pigment, sparkle, and a good warm neutral shadow is real

What NikkieTutorials thinks of different eyeshadow palettes is public knowledge, too, thanks to her refreshingly honest YouTube reviews. She’s not shy about telling you which products are hits and which fall under the “Oh God, No” category! In fact, the beauty guru's favorite eyeshadow palettes all have a few things in common - great colors, heavy pigment, no fallout, and blend-ability. 

Wondering which palettes are on her list of must-haves and which aren't worth the hype? These vlogs of NikkieTutorials reviewing eyeshadow palettes will make you laugh ad empty out your wallet on new products.

  • The Magic Palette By Juvia's Place
    Video: YouTube

    NikkieTutorials totally fan-girls over the Juvia's Place Magic Palette. She says: 

    "I absolutely adore this baby right here; I think the possibilities are endless." 

    Nikkie particularly loves the out-of-the-box color combinations and is fascinated by the color palettes that Juvia's Place comes out with, because she would never think of them herself. Her favorite shadow is the pearlescent lavender shade. 

  • Naked Heat Palette By Urban Decay
    Video: YouTube

    Even though the Naked Heat Palette by Urban Decay was hotly debated when it came out (some vloggers complained about the low-quality shades and the shadow fallout), NikkieTutorials wanted to test it for herself, anyway. She explains:

    "Something that I love in a shadow might be something that you hate in a shadow - that makes makeup really, really personal [but] I'm obsessed with it. It's by far my personal favorite Naked Palette."

    If Nikkie approves, you probably will too!

  • Burgundy Palette By Kylie Cosmetics
    Video: YouTube

    Whenever a vlogger says something positive about Kylie Cosmetics, fans are quick to think the video is sponsored. In Nikkie's case, the opinions are genuine! She shares:

    "Kylie has not sponsored any of my videos... She sells enough products without my support!"

    Overall, NikkieTutorials is torn on the Burgundy Palette. According to her: 

    "The shimmers need a little bit more love when applying them, but the mattes are smooth, buttery, pigmented and so easy to work with."

    Nikkie still says it's worth the splurge, though, especially for her favorite shade, Penny.

  • Foiled Eyeshadows By Makeup Geek
    Video: YouTube

    If you're into the sparkly, metallic look (which NikkieTutorials definitely is), you'll go crazy for the super-pigmented shades in Makeup Geek's Foiled Eyeshadow collection. Each shade goes on creamy and dries like a powder. Nikkie claims that it won't budge after you apply. 

    Although she's not a huge fan of green shades (she's just not really a green gal), she's obsessed with Houdini - a metallic teal shadow with amazing pigmentation.

  • Burn Book Palette By Storybook Cosmetics
    Video: YouTube

    NikkieTutorials, like the rest of us, is pretty obsessed with Mean Girls. And she freaked out over the Storybook Cosmetics Burn Book Palette, which is modeled after the Burn Book from the movie. The shadows inside are all named for iconic lines from the movie, like Is Butter A Carb? and So Fetch. But are the shadows a match for the amazing packaging Nikkie thinks they are due to the intense colors and pigmentation.

  • Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette By Huda Beauty
    Video: YouTube

    Are you into the Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette from Huda Beauty? Then you're in good company, because NikkieTutorials loves it, too! Even though the shades are powdery on the palette (AKA, a little messy), there's no fallout when you apply them to your eyes. For a sultry vibe, this palette will be your go-to thanks to the range of colors and finishes. There are mattes, glitters, and extreme shines.

    Copy Nikkie's style with the shimmering shade Twilight. It's her favorite in the palette.