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12 Insane, Otherworldly Creatures Of The Nile River You'd Never Want To Encounter

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The longest river in the world is going to have at least a few creepy critters as residents but some animals living in the Nile River are beyond scary. Sharp teeth, deadly venom, and things of unusual size are not uncommon sights in its waters as it flows through several countries in Africa. The Egyptians may have worshiped it, but they probably could have done without the scary animals from the Nile River.

Nile River creatures can be terrifying, and some are even blamed for a number of human deaths each year. In addition to being home to Africa's biggest crocodile, a whole bunch of horribly venomous snakes, and a little insect spreading disease all over the world, the Nile hides all kinds of crazy creatures that could maim or kill you. It's almost like a crazy complement to the scary animals found in the Amazon River. If you've ever wondered what creatures live in the Nile, here are some of the craziest.