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The Best Nintendo 64 Characters

Updated 15 Feb 2020 5.1k votes 540 voters 6.3k views41 items

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While other game systems were moving to discs, Nintendo always found a way to zig when others sag, and the Nintendo 64 kept with cartridges and a unique controller design that, to this day, no one's really sure if it actually worked, or if it were so borked that developers found the most creative ways to keep the controller from being prohibitively frustrating. 

That said, this is an era of video gaming where some of the strongest characters that have ever come out of Nintendo all seemed to converge and explode in new and interesting ways. While at the time, people had no idea if the Nintendo 64 was a success, what mattered most was that players were having meaningful experiences with amazing characters. It's only after things like social media and Twitch streams and such that people realized, hey, turns out we all loved the Nintendo 64. 

Whether iconic characters from the Super Mario world, or Link in what's largely considered the best entry in the Legend of Zelda series with Ocarina of Time, or new and inventive flying mechanics with the world of Star Fox 64, there are so many characters to choose from, and far too many for us to decide which is best. That's why we're leaving it up to you! Check out all these different characters, and vote for your favorites! Don't forget to check out all of our other console character lists as well. 
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