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Which Nintendo Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Welcome to the nerdiest astrological alignment you've ever laid your eyes upon! The ideal Nintendo character for each Zodiac sign is written in the stars - which one of their beloved characters does your sign match up with?

The daring and dashing heroes and heroines of these Nintendo franchises hail from all corners of their multi-decade legacy - ranging from the SNES to Nintendo Switch. Embodying the same passion and brightness that these star signs carry around with them, Nintendo characters by Zodiac sign flaunt how well these iconic legends from consoles mesh with their astrological counterparts.

The astrological entity that you were born under says a lot about who you are. Are you a cautious Cancer? An energetic Sagittarius? Or maybe you're an emotional Pisces? The zodiac not only reveals the inner workings of your personality - it totally explains which Nintendo character you would be based on your sign. Who says cartoons don't have an astrological personality of their own?

  • Photo: Super Mario Odyssey / Ninteno

    Mario is an enthusiastic and courageous character who is always up for a challenge. A natural born leader with boundless energy and strength, Mario is a perfect match for the first astrological sign of the zodiac, Aries. Not only is Mario the face of the Nintendo franchise, he's always taking the initiative to maintain peace and order.

    From plumber to princess saviour, both Aries and Mario share a drive for taking initiative and dominating the competition. They always reach their goals and don't let anything stand in their way, be it a roadblock or giant monster turtles.

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  • Photo: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild / Nintendo

    Guarding foreign realms with piercing strength and power, the Nintendo world can always count on Link, the Hylians warrior who so resonates with the zodiac sign Taurus. The reliable sign of the bull will always provide stability and never cease to be dependable, even in the darkest of times. 

    Although patient, both Link and Taurus can both be a bit stubborn - though sometimes stuck in their own ways, their loyalty is an absolutely unbreakable force. 

  • Gemini: Ice Climbers

    Photo: Super Smash Bros. Melee / Nintendo

    Gemini are two of a kind - so who better to represent the sign of the twins than the iconic Ice Climbers. Although they've got two sides, they work together in harmony to bring you a totally multi-dimensional personality. Both Gemini and the Ice Climbers are adaptable to any situation, although both might get nervous when under pressure... like ice monsters are chasing them.

    Curious and confident, Gemini's always down to explore the environment (and even seek out those bonus stages). They're social, adventurous, and ready for fun - both Gemini and the Ice Climbers have a natural fascination with the world which will never leave them with a dull moment.

  • Photo: Kirby: Star Allies / Nintendo

    Delightfully aloof, Kirby floats through life with extreme adaptability. Cancer and Kirby both share a passion for helping loved ones and practically only communicate through emotions. They both also possess and legendary appetite with a penchant for baked goods.

    Sometimes Cancer can be unaware of their own strength, both physically and emotionally, and occasionally wil barrel through life, often taking on challenges that are too big to conquer. However, their creativity and highly active imagination will help them take on those obstacles.

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