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Which Nintendo Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Welcome to the nerdiest astrological alignment you've ever laid your eyes upon! The ideal Nintendo character for each Zodiac sign is written in the stars - which one of their beloved characters does your sign match up with?

The daring and dashing heroes and heroines of these Nintendo franchises hail from all corners of their multi-decade legacy - ranging from the SNES to Nintendo Switch. Embodying the same passion and brightness that these star signs carry around with them, Nintendo characters by Zodiac sign flaunt how well these iconic legends from consoles mesh with their astrological counterparts.

The astrological entity that you were born under says a lot about who you are. Are you a cautious Cancer? An energetic Sagittarius? Or maybe you're an emotional Pisces? The zodiac not only reveals the inner workings of your personality - it totally explains which Nintendo character you would be based on your sign. Who says cartoons don't have an astrological personality of their own?

  • Photo: Pokémon Battle Revolution / Nintendo

    The prized gem of the Pokémon franchise and one of Nintendo's biggest stars, Pikachu radiates with the power of the Sun. Nobody can take their eyes off of this hyper, yellow monster, just like nobody can ever take the attention away from a Leo.

    Although a total sucker for the spotlight, Leo's are truly loyal and kind. Pikachu has shown endless dedication and passion throughout the series, and it doesn't ever plan on stopping. Honest, lovable, and ever-so-cheerful, both are an endless fountain of positive energy - but when someone crosses them, they each become a powerful and dangerous enemy to have.

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  • Virgo: Lucina

    Photo: Fire Emblem Warriors / Nintendo

    Virgos are practical and analytical people who tactfully plan their way through life. Lucina's hard-working personality and persevering life-path go hand-in-hand with the dominating traits of this star sign. This graceful and tactful warrior is the perfect example of what happens when a Virgo shines their brightest.

    As with most Earth signs, Virgos are innately loyal, even though they might have a habit of over-analyzing every situation. But don't worry, Virgo's attention to detail and ability to pull off a well-organized plan will help the likes of Lucina out in even the tightest of pinches.

  • Libra: Isabelle

    Photo: Animal Crossing: New Leaf / Nintendo

    Ever-so-social and equipped with a beaming personality, Isabelle is always there to make sure things go smoothly, as are the harmonizers of the zodiac, Libra. Both possess a diplomatic nature and have got a lot of love to give so, naturally, they want to see everyone getting along.

    If anyone is ever in need, like Isabelle, a Libra is always there to provide support and help work things out. The two of them can also have expensive taste, which could explain why they're both such fans of decorating their homes with flashy and lavish decorations. 

  • Photo: Metroid: Samus Returns / Nintendo

    Shrouded in secrets and mystery, this interstellar bounty hunter is totally a Scorpio. Just like Samus, Scorpio blazes through life with a bold fury, using their resourceful nature to come out on top of any situation. Everyone knows not to mess with a Scorpio - after all, if you provoke a scorpion, you're bound to get a taste of its painful stinger.

    Scorpios have got the drive and dedication to single-handedly take care of business on their own. Fueled by passion and cosmic power, everything in the galaxy lies at their fingertips and, just like Samus Aran, whatever their choose to conquer is done with ease.

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