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Dark Nintendo Lore That Changes How We View Our Favorite Games

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Nintendo has been churning out some of the world's best video games for decades, and throughout all that time, the company has created some of the greatest characters in all of video game history. With characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Princess Peach, and many more, there's no shortage of amazing characters whom fans love playing time and time again.

Of course, with every character comes a backstory, and some of those are darker than most fans realize. Nintendo's game library is filled with lore that was either authored by the company or introduced by the fans, and some of it is pretty dark and intense. This list takes a look at some of the darkest Nintendo lore that might change the way you view those classic games everyone played throughout their childhood...

  • On the one hand, Princess Peach is a loving ruler who leads the Mushroom Kingdom through diplomacy and peaceful relations with its neighbors. On the other hand, she's a major liability that constantly sees the Mushroom Kingdom targeted and under threat by Bowser, who constantly captures her. This isn't entirely her fault, seeing as she's not inviting Bowser to strike her kingdom and snatch her, but after the 15th time it happened, she might think about doing something to prevent it.

    Let's face it, Princess Peach's allure is what's getting her citizens slain all the time, and while she does have a little plumber who's more than happy to jump to her rescue and stomp on some Koopas, it's not really a great system of government to keep letting it happen. If she were a responsible ruler, she'd either launch an outright assault on Bowser and his kingdom with the intent of stopping him permanently, or she'd abdicate her throne and exile herself to protect her kingdom. 

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    Mario Kart 64 is one of the best games made for the system, and it had players gathering around their consoles for hours on end, battling and racing one another. The game is intensely fun, and when the Grand Prix race is all over, the victor enjoys their trophy while the losers end up in a far worse situation. Most players probably didn't pay it much attention at first, but the losers have to flee for their lives.

    As the victory party is kicking off for the winners, the losers take off on their karts only to be chased by bombs. Yes, bombs. When they catch them, they detonate, offing the losers each and every time. It's an odd addition to the game, and it hasn't continued in other Mario Kart titles, but for some reason, losing a race in the N64 version meant certain doom. You can see the cut scene involving a fourth-place Wario driving off in the distance as an incendiary device follows him to his doom here.

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  • The first time players saw Donkey Kong, it was in the ape's eponymous title that saw a future Mario (then named "Jumpman") fighting to stop him after he captured his girlfriend, Pauline (a future Princess Peach). Of course, this was the early days of Nintendo, and many of the backstories had yet to be fleshed out, but it turns out, 1981's Donkey Kong isn't the canonical first appearance of the titular beast.

    Donkey Kong first appeared in the Game & Watch title, Donkey Kong Circus, from 1984, which takes place before the events of Donkey Kong. In that game, Mario runs a circus featuring Donkey Kong as the main act. DK balances on a barrel while juggling pineapples as flaming torches fall all around him. When DK loses a pineapple, Mario laughs at him, which proves that before DK was capturing Mario's best girl, he was being mistreated by the man and laughed at whenever he failed.

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  • Kirby is arguably one of the cutest Nintendo characters of all time. Just look at a picture of him, and you'll fall in love with the little, bulbous pink guy who roams around the world sucking enemies of all kinds into his belly. Take a second and think about that superpower of his, and you're going to wonder just how he's able to ingest anything and everything that comes his way.

    Most fans assumed he had something like a black hole inside his belly, which made it possible to suck in and compress all matter into nothing, but that's not actually correct. It turns out, Kirby's stomach is actually a pocket dimension where he can hold whatever he wants until he decides to digest it. So, any character he eats is either digested and offed immediately, or they're subjected to a literal hell inside a pocket dimension they must wait in until Kirby decides he's hungry enough to eat them properly.

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