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14 Nintendo Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Nintendo has been entertaining millions of fans for generations, and it's not slowing down. Earlier this year, the Nintendo Switch officially overtook Super Nintendo with more than 52 million consoles sold - and it's still only their third best-selling console. Characters like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and a multitude of Pokemon have become household names and appeared in dozens of games over the years. This has led diehard fans to concoct elaborate Nintendo fan theories about how all the games fit together. 

Sure, most of these fan "theories" are really just ways to rationalize how the video games and the game industry have evolved over decades, but some of them actually make a lot of sense. A rare few have even been confirmed by the games' creators themselves.

Here's a selection of Nintendo fan theories that might make you look at the game differently.

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    Dr. Mario Is The Third Mario Brother

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    This theory goes back to the infamous 1993 live action Super Mario Bros. film. In the film, it's revealed that both Mario and Luigi's last names are "Mario," making them "Mario Mario" and
    "Luigi Mario." While many fans thought this was too absurd to be canon, in 2015 Super Mario Bros. creator Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that their last names are indeed "Mario." 

    By that logic, "Dr. Mario" is his title and his last name. So why isn't Dr. Mario just Mario Mario with a medical degree? According to Redditor u/mswanco, the answer lies in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Dr. Mario appears in that game as a secret character, as do Mario and Luigi. All three characters have different characteristics, implying they're three different people. Dr. Mario has lighter hair than Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, and he hits harder than both. Luigi Mario is lighter and floatier than Dr. Mario, and Mario Mario is more athletic than Dr. Mario and can perform wall jumps. 

    So there you have it: Dr. Mario is a third Mario brother, or at least a third member of the Mario family. He could be their father or their cousin, for all we know. And honestly, we'd feel more comfortable getting medical treatment from a Dr. Mario who's devoted his career to medicine instead of a "doctor" who's also a plumber, a carpenter, a boxing referee, and who knows what else.

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    Many Nintendo Games Take Place In The Same Universe

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    Many Nintendo characters have crossover appearances in different video games (and we're not talking about the Super Smash Bros. series; those are officially toy versions of Nintendo characters and not the characters themselves). This fan theory depends on whether you're willing to believe that these appearances are canonical proof that characters exist in the same universe, and are not just fun cameos.

    For example, in Kirby's Dreamland 3, Kirby bumps into Samus from the Metroid series, which could mean they exist in the same universe. This fan theory also depends on whether you're willing to believe that the "Planet Earth" depicted in many of these games exists in the same timeline or dimension. If you're willing to go along with all that, the dots are there to connect.

    According to Redditor u/mswanco, it all goes back to Earthbound (AKA Mother 2). In that game, the evil Giygas grants sentience to Earth's plants, animals, and fungi, which drive humans insane. These smart plants and animals are the ancestors of the creatures from the Pikimin game, which also takes place on Earth. The Pikimin creatures then give way to creatures like Bowser from Super Mario, King Dedede from the Kirby series, and the animals from Animal Crossing.

    Technology progressed, and at some point, Earth froze over, becoming the frozen Shiver Star from Kirby 64 (which is implied to be an abandoned Earth). The events of the Kirby series take place in space, around where the planet formerly known as Earth is. Since Kirby and Samus exist in the same universe, we can surmise that humans abandoned Earth and took to the stars. And wherever they ended up is the setting for the Metroid series.

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    Donkey Kong Bumped Off Mario And Luigi's Father

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    This theory involves a bit of genealogy. The first appearance of both Super Mario and Donkey Kong is thought to be the1981 arcade game Donkey Kong. But as Redditor u/JustEmbarrassing points out, that's not exactly true. In Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo, it's revealed that the original "Donkey Kong" is actually Cranky Kong. The "Donkey Kong Jr." from the 1980s arcade games is now all grown up, and he's the ape most people call "Donkey Kong" today. 

    Then there's Super Mario, or as he's known in the original Donkey Kong and subsequent arcade games, Jumpman. But according to u/Justembarrassing and others, Jumpman and Mario aren't the same person. The games establish Jumpman as a carpenter from New York City who loves a woman named Pauline. Meanwhile, Super Mario is a plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom who loves Princess Peach. Unless Super Mario made drastic life changes (or, unless Nintendo just redesigned the character), they're not likely to be the same person.

    Furthermore, the chronology established in Yoshi's Island DS makes that impossible. In that game, Peach, Wario, Bowser, Mario, and Donkey Kong Jr. are all shown to be babies, making them the same age. In the original game, Cranky Kong (AKA Donkey Kong Jr.'s father) squares off with an adult Jumpman. That makes it impossible for Jumpman to also be Mario.

    So, who is Mario's father? Yoshi's Island establishes the fact that Mario and Luigi have parents, but their faces are never shown. Jumpman is the only known character from the Mario universe who could fill the role. 

    From there, it's a short jump to "Donkey Kong terminated Mario and Luigi's father." The arcade game Donkey Kong Jr. features an antagonistic Jumpman abducting Cranky Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr. saving him. And at the end of the game, Donkey Kong Jr. slays Jumpman.

    If any of this is true, it would make the Super Mario Bros. games an intergenerational family drama on par with The Sopranos.

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    Kirby Is An Eldritch Abomination Woken From His Slumber

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    Because he's pink and squishy, it's easy to assume that Kirby is a benevolent entity. But as Redditor u/Cardboard_Boxer points out, it just doesn't add up. Kirby's motivation is never to protect the planet Pop Star or its inhabitants. In fact, one of his powers is the ability to "inhale" objects, creatures, and people in order to absorb their powers and abilities. Most Kirby games do end with a showdown between Kirby and some sort of cosmic horror threatening Pop Star, but Kirby isn't trying to protect it. 

    So what's his goal? The answer lies in Kirby's origins. In the first game, Kirby's Dream Land, King Dedede breaks an artifact called the Star Rod, which had allowed the residents of Pop Star and Kirby himself to sleep. And what other fictional creatures hate being woken from an eternal slumber? Lovecraftian monsters like Cthulhu. 

    Kirby's Dream Land ends with a showdown between Kirby and Nightmare, the first cosmic monster Kirby ever fights. According to u/Cardboard_Boxer, Kirby isn't trying to save Pop Star; he's just annoyed to be woken up. When he beats Nightmare, and every subsequent cosmic monster, he's just letting them know who's boss.

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