22 Supremely Cool Nintendo Tattoos Guaranteed To Inspire Your Inner Geek

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Nintendo has brought us many great games over the years. Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Pokémon, the list is as long as Mario's side-scrolling universe. Without question Nintendo defined many a childhood during the '90s. Still today, Nintendo provides kids and adults with plenty of new adventures and characters to obsess over. And there's no greater way to showcase one's obsession than with a permanent marker on one's skin. 

Nintendo tattoos immortalize gamers love (and lifestyle) for all to see. Such video game tattoos are true works of art. Everything from homages to favorite characters, ironic and twisted versions of classic games, and clever declarations of a favorite fandom, these are the very best Nintendo tattoos. When a love for both gaming and tattooing combine, what results is inky nerdy perfection sure to make any millennial's mouth water. As Mario would say, "Lets-a-go" check out the coolest Nintendo tattoos that prove being a geek and being metal are not mutually exclusive.