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15 Nipple Piercing Horror Stories That'll Seriously Gross You Out

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Gnarly nipple piercing stories aren't easy reads, but they are some of the wildest cautionary tales on the Internet. Whether the rings were unexpectedly pulled out or the piercing process went wrong, these anecdotes about the horrible side effects of piercing aren't for the squeamish.

These nipple piercing horror stories all happened to real people, and should be taken into account whenever you're thinking, "Should I have my nipples pierced?" Bad nipple piercings can happen to anyone, even someone who does their research and goes to a reputable place. The most careful expert can't save a person from a later freak accident.

There are lot of reasons to seek body modifications like pierced noses or gauged ears, but these stories are all about the downsides to nipple piercing. Are nipple piercings dangerous? All cosmetic procedures have risks, but these stories can offer you some insight into the cons of taking needles to flesh.

  • A State Trooper Ripped Out A Woman's Nipple Piercing With Pliers
    Photo: michaelwrose / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    A State Trooper Ripped Out A Woman's Nipple Piercing With Pliers

    In 2016, a Texas state trooper pulled over two women, ages 18 and 19, for speeding, and found a pill in the driver's door. The women claimed that the pill wasn't theirs, but the trooper arrested them for drug possession.

    Before being admitted to the county jail, the trooper asked them to remove their body piercings. When one of the women asked where to go to take out their nipple rings, the trooper told them to do it "in the open." But one of the women struggled to remove a piercing, and that's when the state trooper "became impatient" and went to his car to get his pair of pliers. After staring at the woman's breast, the trooper decided to take action, as the woman described: 

    "So then, without gloves or anything – and I could see dirt under his nails, it was extremely disgusting – he gets on there and he tries to twist it and he starts shaking from trying so hard and he ends up pulling it and ripping it and it starts bleeding."

  • A Woman Was Almost Killed By Her Nipple Piercings
    Photo: Jeremy Brooks / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    A Woman Was Almost Killed By Her Nipple Piercings

    One woman shared her terrifying piercing story on Tumblr:

    "In April I got my nipples pierced at a quality shop in my area... I had normal, if not faster than typical, healing and I cleaned my piercing twice daily with sea salt and then mild unscented soap in the shower. I had no problems with the piercings other than increased sensitivity, which is normal.

    Then a month ago, I woke up suddenly one morning with a 103.3 fever and found my left breast to be about three times its normal size with red streaks radiating from my nipple, not to mention excruciating pain in that breast and armpit. All that day, I was experiencing extreme fatigue and I spent the entire night vomiting while my fever peaked to 104.7 and I became delusional and unconscious for periods of time.

    I went to the doctor the next day and they immediately sent me to the emergency room to be admitted to the hospital for what was apparently a severe infection. After lots of blood tests, I found out that I had developed a resistant form of staph infection in my left nipple by NO FAULT OF MINE OR MY PIERCER’S. It had caused cellulitis in that entire breast, moving to my neck and armpit. Thankfully I had known to NOT take the barbell out until I got the okay from a doctor, or I would have had a nasty abscess on top of everything else that would have needed surgery. At the time I entered the hospital, my blood was .4% away from being septic, and at the rate my infection was progressing, I could have been dead within 48 hours...

    I really want to stress to people that even if you go somewhere spotless with a good reputation and take care of your piercing, it is still an open wound in your body, and every time you get a piercing or tattoo, you are taking a huge risk with your health. if this can happen at a reputable parlor with almost perfect care, imagine what can happen with a DIY piercing or tattoo and no aftercare."

  • A Puppy Pulled Out A Woman's Nipple Piercing
    Photo: jdrephotography / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    A Puppy Pulled Out A Woman's Nipple Piercing

    One Facebook user has a harrowing tale:

    "About 3.5 years ago I got both my nipples pierced. It also should be noted I like to sleep 'freely,' i.e., in the nude, totally normal, and an important fact of this story. Flash forward a little bit later: My boyfriend and I got a puppy, who slept with us most of the time on the bed. He usually laid on the bed till we turned off the light, stayed with us another 15 minutes and then went onto the floor.

    One night before bed, our dog was on the bed on my boyfriend's side, all very normal. Boyfriend went to turn off the light. I was under the covers but my chest was exposed beside him. The next thing I know as the light gets turned off, our dog lunges at my tit, and the worst pain imaginable happens. I start screaming and crying that the dog has ruined my nipple and get him off the bed. Boyfriend doesn't know what is happening, so I keep yelling about my ruined nipple, clutching it with my hand feeling blood. My nipple piercing was ripped clean out, blood everywhere.

    To this day my nipple still looks wonky and my boyfriend always teases me about the dog ruining my nipple, since that's all I could cry out in shock bleeding on the bed."

  • A Woman Went To Dinner With Her Boyfriend's Family Fresh From A Piercing
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    A Woman Went To Dinner With Her Boyfriend's Family Fresh From A Piercing

    Redditor mctumey went through an ordeal after getting a piercing on a whim:

    "A local tattoo shop posted information about a promotional party, yesterday. So my boyfriend and I decided to stop in and check it out. It seems pretty redundant to say that I ended up with pierced nipples, but I ended up with pierced nipples. (Which is actually the most painful thing I've ever experienced, so don't f*cking do it.)

    Cut to Olive Garden about 4 hours later... my boyfriend, my sweater-clad bleeding nipples, myself, and 20+ of my boyfriend's step relatives. They're all somewhat churchy in a really odd way, so naturally we kept it between us... The birthday girl nearly tackled us with hugs. I almost fainted, it hurt so bad.

    The longest dinner ever... complete with every nipple, pierced, bleeding, painful, hole, comment my boyfriend could think of...

    They're taped up now. Dear god, worst decision ever."