Weird History

Read The Transcript Nixon Prepared In Case Neil Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin Got Stranded On The Moon

The phrase “Nixon Moon Landing Death Speech” sounds like the beginnings of a conspiracy theory, but it’s a real piece of Apollo 11 history that is often forgotten. The real history of Nixon and the Moon landing is one of success for the President and the astronauts involved, but Tricky Dick needed to have a speech prepared in the event of an unexpected disaster. In an alternate universe, Richard Nixon sat down on July 20, 1969, to deliver the most difficult speech of his career – telling a shocked and grieving nation that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin wouldn’t be coming home from their lunar adventure.

Obviously, the story of Nixon, Armstrong, and Aldrin, ended much happier than that, but the transcript of Nixon’s prepared remarks, which was revealed in 1999, paints a vivid picture of the responsibilities held by the President of the United States. Even during the moments of humanity’s greatest triumphs, world leaders must be prepared for all possibilities and eventualities, even those that are unthinkable. Thankfully, this speech remained forever in the "What If?" file of history.