Someone Discovered Something Super Weird About The Monster Mash, And People Are Freaking Out

There's no denying that "Monster Mash" is one of the best Halloween songs of all time. Every October, countless parties ring with the sound of Bobby "Boris" Pickett's quirky novelty tune about creatures who just want to boogie. But in 2017, the Internet discovered something about "Monster Mash" that will change the way you listen to the classic tale of graveyard shenanigans forever.

Get ready to have your mind blown: you've never heard the monster mash. You’ve only heard a song describing the events of an eerie night where monsters dance to a song called "The Monster Mash."

This revelation started a flurry of funny "Monster Mash" tweets and "Monster Mash" conspiracy theories that have completely upended the world of Halloween novelty songs. When you listen to "Monster Mash" this season, pay close attention to the lyrics. Maybe you'll find the hidden truth that Bobby Pickett wrote into the song.

  • The Lyrics Describe A Party Full Of Monsters

    The Lyrics Describe A Party Full Of Monsters
    Video: YouTube

    "I was working in the lab late one night when my beheld an eerie sight..." And so begins perhaps the greatest song ever written.

    If you listen to the lyrics of "Monster Mash," you'll realize you're not actually listening to the titular song. You're actually listening to someone describe a dance called "The Monster Mash."

  • Twitter Uncovered The Shocking Truth

    On October 8, 2017, a Twitter user named Lawrence Miles dropped a jack-o-lantern sized bomb about everyone's favorite Halloween novelty tune:



    This is hard information to take in, especially if you're a big fan of The Mash. What have you been listening to for your entire life if it wasn't The Mash? Is everything a lie?

  • This Changes Everything!


  • How Could The Mash Be A Smash?