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Here's How The Walking Dead Is Going To End, And You're Not Going To Like It  

Mick Jacobs

Since writers on The Walking Dead regularly taking out major characters without warning or apology, it makes you wonder who will manage to survive to the end. But based on the theory posited in this video, you may not want to hold your breath for anyone.

The nature of The Walking Dead, which takes place in the remains of a world decimated by zombies and anarchy, lends itself to some rather dire conclusions. In an age where everything is in shambles, why would any viewer - no matter how enthusiastic or optimistic - expect a happy ending? 

Characters within the show's universe have already predicted the zombie plague will finish off humanity. As the Walkers have taken over, our beleaguered species has been hanging by a taut thread. Realistically, the Walkers wiping out every surviving human makes more sense than a cheerful resolution.

Some ardent viewers can't accept the idea that every single character they've grown to love will bloodily bite the dust. In the end, they hope, perhaps only Rick will remain standing, and the last thing you'll hear before the screen goes black is his Southern drawl. But once you watch this video, you may not be able to ignore the evidence that The Walking Dead will end in a very, very ugly way.