15 Mind-Bending True Stories People Swear Actually Happened To Them

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Life happens sometimes in the weirdest way, and for these people? A bit too weird. Glad they're here to tell the tales. 

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    Mystery Glasses

    From Redditor u/ MenacingMath

    simple one really.

    My glasses vanished at school after i got punched in the face by a friend, and I saw them hit the floor. They weren't there, which is crazy.

    Lessons started, and half an hour into my art class, the glasses straight up fell from the ceiling onto me.

    To this day, I don't know how or why this happened.

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    Possessed Doll

    From Redditor u/Content_Scale4470

    when i was 6 i had this doll that always freaked me out because if you pulled a string its hair grew. I threw it in my closet cause it was really creeping me out one day. when i opened the closet door in the morning it was standing straight up, but yknow normal right? I went to the bathroom and when i came back it was on its head. Everyone in the house was asleep and i have no pets that could move it. Nobody ever believes me when i tell them


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    Crows Following A Car

    From Redditor u/OneGoodRib

    My weirdest true story that's most likely not paranormal:

    Waiting for a city bus one day, near an intersection. Perfectly normal day. Normal-looking car drives past. As it approaches the traffic light I notice there's a murder of around 30 crows flying behind the car (like, one car length UP in the air and one length behind).

    Car turns left at the traffic light. The crows turn left and follow it.

    Weirdest f*cking thing, and I couldn't get my phone out in time to take a video.

    It's like if the crows were balloons on a 15 foot string, that's how tightly they were following that car. And it drives me crazy because I will NEVER know what happened. Did the driver kill a crow? Was the driver a witch? What happened when the driver got out of the car, wherever they were going?

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    3 CD's On The Floor

    From Redditor u/Swoggerss

    One time I was in my room, alone with the door CLOSED and I was on my phone just laying down in my bed and I got up to use the bathroom and three random disc's appeared, two were leaning against the door and one was on the ground

    One was red dead redemption which we lost YEARS ago and another was a movie that was supposedly in my parents room and the one on the ground was plain, nothing on it

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    Lawnmower On Top Of A Car

    From Redditor u/AdorableHoneycomb

    One night my neighbor let his daughter drive a lawnmower in the pitch black on summer night. She was 14 and had her little sister in the passenger seat. The girl lost control of the lawnmower, drove it off the street, and had the lawnmower end up on the top of my mom’s car in our driveway (which was private property and considered trespassing). The police didn’t believe it until they saw it. The front bumper and hood had to be fully replaced because of the damage the lawnmower did. When filing the claim with Geico, my mom had to call the company as the situation was too strange and their website did not have a claims category for the type of damage that was done to the car. It took 15 minutes and 3 representatives to help my mom file the claim as they did not believe it happened.


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    Punching Priest

    From Redditor u/ZhengYuQian

    Sorry if you’ve already seen this I just enjoy posting it since it’s so weird. When I was 12 I was walking to school and behind me there was a priest who seemed to be walking with a kid a few years younger than me. He dropped the kid off at my school, and started hacking at a toonie (Canadian two dollar coin) that was stuck in the ice. I wasn’t allowed to go inside yet since I was a few minutes early so I just looked at the toonie and wondered if he’d get it out. Then he looked up at me, made a joke about how I was never going to get it, and then he walked up to me, punched me in the gut, and then left. I was wearing a winter coat so it didn’t hurt that much, but it was still pretty creepy. Nobody at school believed me. Then I saw him walking by my house like every day or so, and I live across the street from a school so I was worried about the other kids and told my brother who went to that school. He came over and then I pointed the priest out to him (he was sitting on my lawn) and he said that he was one of the priests that worked at his school. I never once saw him actually enter the building, he mostly just walked around it for hours eating chips.

    Edit: they were mainly potato chips but sometimes they were ketchup chips. I’m not talking about fries

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