WATCH High Winds Send Noah's Ark Crashing Into Nearby Boats  

Mick Jacobs

In the Old Testament, Noah built his ark to withstand torrential floods of rain and carry two of every living species, but even an ancient engineer like himself failed to proof his creation against all elements. In the video below, a model of Noah's Ark crashes into a boatyard, carried by almost biblical high winds.

Passing through the town of Urk in the Netherlands, the 230-foot-long Bible museum clearly presents a massive problem for the emergency workers in the video. Like so many episodes in the wrathful days of Genesis, the runaway vessel reportedly caused significant damage to the surrounding area.

Though it first opened in Urk, the floating museum plans to make an exodus around the world to offer an "authentic glimpse" at one of the Bible's most memorable settings.

Watch the video below to see the sheer size of this museum, and the clear issue of how to move it. Hopefully, this traveling miracle can keep itself afloat for future destinations.