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Nobel Prize in Literature Winners List

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List of Nobel Prize in Literature winners from every year the award has been given out. All Nobel Prize in Literature winners are listed below in order of popularity, but can be sorted by any column. People who won the Nobel Prize in Literature award are listed along with photos for every Nobel Prize in Literature winner that has a picture associated with their name online. You can click on the name of the Nobel Prize in Literature award recipients to get more information about each. People who won the Nobel Prize in Literature are usually listed by year, but on this list you've got a complete list of Nobel Prize in Literature winners from all years. If this proves to not be a full list of Nobel Prize in Literature winners, you can help make it so by adding to this one. This list includes the most memorable and well-known Nobel Prize in Literature winners of all time. Anybody who won the Nobel Prize in Literature usually has a picture associated with their name, so all the Nobel Prize in Literature-winning people are listed here with photos when available. This list spans the history of the Nobel Prize in Literature, so most of the famous Nobel Prize in Literature winners are here and can be a good starting point for making a list of your favorites. This list answers the question "who are all the people who have ever won Nobel Prize in Literature?" If you're looking for all the nominees, you can click the links above the title of this page to the Listopedia page where you'll find a directory of award nominees, as well as the rest of the award winners lists we have. You can use this factual list to create a new list, re-rank it to fit your views, then share it with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends or with any other social networks you use on a regular basis. Items include everything from Isaac Bashevis Singer to Henryk Sienkiewicz. {#nodes}
  • Albert Camus1
    Albert Camus (; French: [albɛʁ kamy] (listen); 7 November 1913 – 4 January 1960) was a French...  more

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  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn2
    Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn (; 11 December 1918 – 3 August 2008) was a Russian novelist,...  more
  • Anatole France3
    Anatole France (French: [anatɔl fʁɑ̃s]; born François-Anatole Thibault, [frɑ̃swa anatɔl tibo];...  more
  • André Gide4
    André Paul Guillaume Gide (French: [ɑ̃dʁe pɔl ɡijom ʒid]; 22 November 1869 – 19 February 1951)...  more

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  • Bertrand Russell5
    Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell, (; 18 May 1872 – 2 February 1970) was a...  more

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  • Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson6
    Bjørnstjerne Martinius Bjørnson ( BYURN-sən, Norwegian: [²bjøːɳstjæːɳə ²bjøːɳsɔn]; 8 December...  more
  • Boris Pasternak7

    Boris Pasternak

    Boris Leonidovich Pasternak (; Russian: Бори́с Леони́дович Пастерна́к, IPA: [bɐˈrʲis...  more


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  • Camilo José Cela8
    Camilo José Cela y Trulock, 1st Marquis of Iria Flavia (Spanish: [kamilo xoˈse ˈθela]; 11 May...  more
  • Carl Spitteler9
    Carl Friedrich Georg Spitteler (24 April 1845 – 29 December 1924) was a Swiss poet who was...  more
  • Claude Simon10
    Claude Simon (French: [simɔ̃]; 10 October 1913 – 6 July 2005) was a French novelist and...  more
  • Czesław Miłosz11
    Czesław Miłosz (, also US: , Polish: [ˈtʂɛswaf ˈmiwɔʂ] (listen); 30 June 1911 – 14 August...  more
  • Dario Fo12
    Dario Fo (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdaːrjo ˈfɔ]; 24 March 1926 – 13 October 2016) was an...  more
  • Derek Walcott13
    Sir Derek Alton Walcott, KCSL, OBE, OCC (23 January 1930 – 17 March 2017) was a Saint Lucian...  more

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  • Doris Lessing14
    Doris May Lessing (née Tayler; 22 October 1919 – 17 November 2013) was a British-Zimbabwean...  more
  • Elfriede Jelinek15
    Elfriede Jelinek (German: [ɛlˈfʁiːdə ˈjɛlinɛk]; born 20 October 1946) is an Austrian...  more
  • Elias Canetti16
    Elias Canetti (; Bulgarian: Елиас Канети; 25 July 1905 – 14 August 1994) was a German-language...  more
  • Erik Axel Karlfeldt17
    Erik Axel Karlfeldt (20 July 1864 – 8 April 1931) was a Swedish poet whose highly symbolist...  more
  • Ernest Hemingway18
    Ernest Miller Hemingway (July 21, 1899 – July 2, 1961) was an American journalist, novelist,...  more

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  • Eugene O'Neill19
    Eugene Gladstone O'Neill (October 16, 1888 – November 27, 1953) was an American playwright and...  more
  • Eugenio Montale20
    Eugenio Montale (Italian: [euˈdʒɛːnjo monˈtaːle]; 12 October 1896 – 12 September 1981) was an...  more
  • Eyvind Johnson21
    Eyvind Johnson (29 July 1900 – 25 August 1976) was a Swedish novelist and short story writer....  more
  • François Mauriac22
    François Charles Mauriac (French: [moʁjak]; 11 October 1885 – 1 September 1970) was a French...  more
  • Frans Eemil Sillanpää23
    Frans Eemil Sillanpää (pronunciation ) (16 September 1888 – 3 June 1964) was one of the most...  more
  • Frédéric Mistral24
    Frederic Mistral (French: [mistʁal]; Occitan: Josèp Estève Frederic Mistral, 8 September 1830...  more
  • Gabriel García Márquez25
    Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez (American Spanish: [ɡaˈβɾjel ɣaɾˈsi.a ˈmaɾkes]...  more

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