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Plot Holes From Nolan's 'Batman' Trilogy Fans Couldn't Help But Notice

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Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy reinvented Batman on the big screen, creating a darker, grittier Gotham than audiences had ever seen before. The expanded world took Bruce Wayne all over the globe, and the master plans of his villainous foes grew more complex and intricate with each film. However, Nolan's deep Batman mythology opened itself up to some plot holes, and fans of the Caped Crusader were quick to point them out. To many, it's flummoxing how the Joker was able to terrorize Bruce Wayne's high-class party in The Dark Knight without it making the news. Other theorists will point out that Bane's CIA airplane takeover in the opening of The Dark Knight Rises is both flawed and uneccesary. In a more generalized theory, many fans simply ask, "With all the problems in his office, how does Commissioner Gordon keep his job?!"

If you're a fan of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy, check out this list of puzzling plot holes that have left Batman fans scratching their heads.

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    Batman Doesn't Tell Gordon That The Clowns Are Hostages

    From Redditor /u/Misaria:

    Batman is going after the Joker, who has the hospital staff hostage, and asks Gordon for five minutes to make an attempt alone.
    Gordon threatens to shoot Batman, but lets him go, and says "Two minutes, then we breach..."

    Batman immediately discovers that the clowns with guns are the actual hostages.
    He tells Fox this but doesn't alert Gordon, or tell Fox to alert him, nor tell the SWAT-team. Instead Batman just beats up all of them so they won't shoot the hostages, but all that time spent fighting could've been spent telling at least one of them what's going on. They don't even fire immediately, they tell the clowns to drop their weapons, etc.

    Batman doesn't even say anything when SWAT surrounds him, at that point they don't know that the clowns are the bait and the ones dressed as doctors are the bad guys.

    When the Joker wants Coleman Reese dead, Bruce has no problem telling Alfred to send a message, to Gordon, what officer he should be wary of.

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    Joker's School Bus Definitely Stands Out

    From Redditor /u/wosh:

    When the Joker robs the bank he loads the cash into a school bus and then pulls out into a line of school buses as cop cars race by. How does no one notice all the debris falling off the buses? We hear kids talking and laughing so it's not that the buses are empty and the drivers are paid off.

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    Bane Doesn't Know Bruce Wayne Has Returned

    From Redditor /u/Death_Star_:

    Main plothole/questions: How come Bane is seemingly the last on his team to find out Bruce Wayne is back in Gotham? Shouldn't he have found out earlier? Shouldn't someone have told him? Surely, this knowledge would be VITAL to Bane's plan working.

    Set-up: Batman fights Bane, loses. Bane's men all watch. During this time, Bane announces that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and reaffirms his point by blowing up his corporate house, revealing all sorts of Batman toys.

    So, Bane's men know that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

    Bruce is exiled to The Pit, partially to torture Wayne, and partially to keep the threat Bruce of foiling the plan away from Gotham.

    But Bruce comes back. And Bane doesn't find out until the night before the bomb's detonation, probably a good 6-8 hours before he was initially captured, unarmed, and unmasked. Bane finds out by the flaming bat insignia, and he skeptically says, "Impossible..." Those precious hours -- during which Bane has no idea Bruce is back -- allowed Bruce to suit up, play arts & crafts with Gotham's bridge, rescue Gordon from the ice, and rescue 2,000 cops.

    Had Bane learned that an unarmed Bruce Wayne was just detained, I think we all know that there's ZERO chance Bane let's Bruce go suit up.

    Read the full plot hole here.

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    Batman's Knee Suddenly Heals

    From Redditor /u/whycuthair:

    Rewatching TDKR, and was wondering... there's the scene in the hospital where the doctor says all of his cartilage in the knee is gone. Wayne then gets some kind of leg brace.. Then Bane breaks his back, and he goes in that prison to train. But he doesn't have that leg brace anymore... How did his leg heal?

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