20 Non-Human Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Humans

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Almost every single cartoon out there hosts some sort of creature with a personality. Sometimes, like in the case of Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck, the non-human characters are the stars of the show. When that happens, the writers love to load the character with tons of human quirks and mannerisms, making them fun, engaging, and relatable. But have you ever imagined non-human cartoon characters as humans? You're not alone!

When a non-human character possesses a voice, a personality, and all the other anthropomorphic traits writers like to give them, it's curious to think what cartoons would look like in full-on flesh and bone. The artists on this list have gone the extra mile to totally remake these animals, monsters, and mythical creatures into outrageously awesome looking people, so rest easy knowing your favorite characters make pretty cool-looking humans.