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Non-Reality TV Shows That Should Be Canceled

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Non-reality TV shows that should be canceled are those scripted comedy and drama television shows that have simply outlived their welcome. Between the new shows that just are not holding our interest to those which have been on for years and have just lost their touch, each of these shows are among those we could live without.

As much as the comedy shows on this list make us laugh, many are past their prime. Though one of the greatest sitcoms in television history, The Simpsons has been targeted by many as lacking in the quality that made us all fall in love with the show and nominated it for the cancel-before-it-gets-worse list. Two and a Half Men, Bob's BurgersThe Cleveland Show, and 2 Broke Girls are other comedies frequently in the conversation for comedies we could live without as they are just not delivering the half hour jam packed with laughs they'd hope for.

On the drama side of things, there are plenty of procedurals that have outlived their stay too. CSI and CSI: NY many feel should go the way CSI: Miami did, into the canceled pile. SupernaturalLaw & Order: Special Victims UnitGrey's Anatomy, and New Girl all fall into that conversation with many wondering why these series continue to drag on.

Though these may be among the best TV shows of recent memory, for one reason or another these shows could all be canceled and many would be happier as a result. Vote below for those shows you'd like to see on the chopping block, add any not listed or even re-rank this list of non-reality TV shows that should be canceled.

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