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Pretty Good RPGs For People Who Don't Want To Play Another Endless 'Final Fantasy' Epic

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Vote up the games that are a pretty good change of pace from the typical JRPG grind.

Not everyone wants to go on an epic adventure. As entertaining as role-playing games are, the common tropes associated with the genre can make every RPG feel the same: explore a fantasy world set in the distant past or distant future, fight off hordes of fantasy creatures through a turn-based combat system, have your little journey transition into an epic fight for the universe that's won by the power of friendship...

There's nothing wrong with traditional fantasy RPGs, but sometimes you want to step out of the Final Fantasy comfort zone and play something completely different. That's where these games come in handy. The games listed here are fun RPGs that take the genre into completely new territories. Don't forget to vote for the RPGs that interest you the most!