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Over-The-Top Evil MCU Moments That Don't Involve Killing Someone

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The most evil MCU villains radiate an energy so sinister, they don't even have to kill to prove to an audience how twisted and cruel they are. Sure, they all do plenty of killing, but the point is that their evil nature permeates all aspects of their lives. Whether they're dealing with an underling, a business partner, or a hero - they're going to act in ways that a normal person wouldn't. For the vast majority of these villains, they simply aren't able to turn it off. 

As the cliche goes, there are some fates worse than death, and these MCU villains seem hellbent on discovering every last one of them. Whether it's breaking up relationships, revealing dark secrets, or straight-up tormenting their foe, there seems to be no level an MCU villain won't stoop to in order to get what they want.