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Norm of the North movie quotes tell the story of one talking polar bear who heads to New York City to save the Arctic from real estate developers. The animated comedy adventure film was written by Jack Donaldson and Derek Elliott. Directed by Trevor Wall, Norm of the North opened in theaters on January 15, 2015.

In Norm of the North, Norm (voiced by Rob Schneider) is not quite the average bear. This polar bear is not so great at bear-like things, but is really good with human things like talking and dancing. So when Norm learns that the Arctic, home to him and his friends (including voices by Bill Nighy), is being threatened by pesky tourists and a super greedy developer, Mr. Greene (voiced by Jen Jeong), who wants to turn the area into condos and shopping malls, Noah knows he must step up and save the land.

So Noah, along with a trio of lemmings, heads to New York City to confront Mr. Greene and save the land. But instead of stopping Mr. Greene, he unknowingly becomes the mascot for Greene's company. This makes stopping the development extra tricky, as if being a polar bear trying to talk a real estate developer out of easy money was a steal to begin with.

Noah of the North brought some family fun to theaters already showing other films such as The Revenant, 13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, The Hateful Eight and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
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We've Gotta Show Them Who We Really Are

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Norm: Hi, everyone!
People: Ahhh!
Norm: If we're going to make it in this town, we've gotta show them who we really are.

When Norm arrives in New York City, he tries his best to put his best foot forward. While things do not start too well for him, (and let's face it, who would react well to a talking polar bear?) Norm does not give up.
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Are They House Trained?

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Olympia: Oh, they're amazing!
Mr. Greene: Are they house trained?
Norm: Oh, definitely! They've peed in tons of houses!

While Olympia seems excited by the lemmings, Mr. Greene isn't too happy by Norm's definition of house trained. Surely this will end well, right?
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That's My Home

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Mr. Greene: I'm going to be so rich when I sell off the Arctic. It's going to be condos, shopping malls.
Norm: That's my home... We've gotta find a way to stop that guy!

The greedy Mr. Greene wants to develop the Arctic for big bucks but Norm, who lives there, is not so excited by this plan. They must fight it out to see who will prevail.
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Gotta Tell All My Seal Buddies

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Norm: I gotta tell all my seal buddies. You press the lever, the water goes up!

Apparently in New York City, bathrooms don't work the same as from where Norm is from. He cannot wait to tell the folks back home about this amazing find.