Comic Book Superheroes Who Have Regular Human Siblings

In the fictional world of comics, most (but not all) superheroes have special powers and abilities that differentiate them from others. But one thing that many of these superheroes have in common with the rest of us is the fact that they have "normal" siblings - brothers and sisters with no superhuman strength, ability to fly, or any other special powers.

Some of these siblings are aware they have a superhero sibling and may even work with them on their missions, while others are kept completely in the dark. Some have good relationships, while others do not. In other words, apart from the whole "having a brother or sister who is a superhero" thing, these relationships are probably not all that different from a relationship between "normal" siblings.


  • Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) Has A Brother Who Blames Him For Their Mother's Passing
    Photo: DC Comics

    Hal Jordan and his older brother, Jack, have a strained relationship because Jack blames Hal for the loss of their mother. Hal had promised her that he wouldn't become a test pilot like his late father but ended up breaking that promise by joining the Air Force. Jack believes their mother's constant worrying about Hal's dangerous career drover her to an early grave.

    Both Hal and his younger brother, Jim, assist in Jack's campaign for district attorney. After he is elected DA for Coast City, Jack is a constant target of enemies; he's unaware that it is Hal, in his Green Lantern disguise, who saves him several times from their schemes. After he becomes the Spectre, Hal tries to reconnect with his brother, but is blocked by Jack's wife, Jan. Later, Jack and Jan lose their lives in a car accident while searching for their missing daughter.

    Sue Williams is a reporter who tries to prove that Hal Jordan's younger brother, Jim, is the Green Lantern; every time Jim tries to prove he isn't, something happens involving the Green Lantern that makes her doubt his claims. Despite this, Jim and Sue eventually fall in love and get married. While Hal's relationship with Jack is strained, he gets along well with Jim. Like Jack, Jim is initially unaware of Hal's alter ego, but after his fight with Atrocitus, Hal lets his younger brother in on the secret.

  • Simon Baz's (Green Lantern) Sister Blames Him For Nearly Getting Her Husband Killed
    Photo: DC Comics

    Simon Baz's (Green Lantern) Sister Blames Him For Nearly Getting Her Husband Killed

    Simon Baz and his sister, Sira, were persecuted after the events of September 11 because of their ethnicity (Lebanese-American) and religion (Islam). After losing his job, Simon turns to illicit activities to make money and help his sister raise her son. When Simon is falsely accused of being an extremist after absconding with a van which he discovers has an incendiary device planted in it, Sira and her husband are among the few people who believe in his innocence. But the siblings' relationship is damaged when Simon takes part in a street race that seriously injures Sira's husband, Nazir, leaving him braindead.

    Simon tells Sira about his secret identity, and although she blames him for her husband's condition, she is glad that her brother is trying to do the right thing as Green Lantern. As Green Lantern, Simon later discovers that his power ring is able to heal his brother-in-law's brain injuries.

  • Roberto Reyes (Ghost Rider) Has A Disabled Younger Brother, Gabe 

    While pregnant with Gabriel ("Gabe"), Juliana Reyes had a nasty fall, resulting in her son being born a paraplegic. Following the passing of their parents, Gabe is raised by his teenage brother, Roberto ("Robbie"), whom he hero-worships. For his part, Robbie wants his brother to grow up in a safer neighborhood.

    Robbie meets his end after entering a street race to win the $50,000 prize that would have allowed him and Gabe to move to a safer area. He ends up becoming the Ghost Rider, bonding with the evil spirit of his uncle Eli. In his new form, Robbie seeks to protect Gabe from harm, but not always successfully; in one incident, Eli's sinister spirit possesses Robbie, leaving Gabe hungry and helpless on the floor and causing the boy to mentally regress.

  • Unlike any of her siblings, Jean Grey is a mutant. She first displays her telepathic abilities at a young age after witnessing the passing of her best friend. When it's suggested that Jean attend Dr. Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters so she can learn to better control her abilities, her older sister Sara is hesitant.

    Jean is believed deceased after a cosmic being posing as her sacrifices its life on the moon - famously recounted in "The Dark Phoenix Saga." When she finally returns, Jean discovers Sara has begun speaking on behalf of mutants in her absence, putting her life in danger.

    Jean goes to check on her sister, only to watch in horror as Sara and her husband, Paul Bailey, are blown up in their house; the culprits turn out to be a group of mutant-hating fanatics. There are hints that Sara herself may have been a mutant, as she seems to have possessed latent mental powers that helped her resist the alien race called the Phalanx.

    Jean Grey has another sister, Julia, who works as a chef, and two brothers: Roger, a session musician, and Liam, a pastor. Julia and her husband take custody of Sara's children after the passing of Sara and her husband. All three of these siblings, along with Sara's two children, become victims of the Shi'ar Death Commandos, whose mission is to wipe out a genetic trait carried by members of Jean Grey's family.