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The Real 18th-Century North American Fur Trade Was Even Harsher Than 'Frontier' Can Show On TV

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Netflix's acclaimed series Frontier details the turbulent history of the fur trade in the 18th century. While the show - which stars Jason Momoa - does an admirable job showcasing the viciousness of the time, the real history far surpasses what producers are willing to put on screen.

The disputes referenced in the show take place over a long period. The series of skirmishes and conflicts - collectively known as the Beaver Wars - lasted around 70 years, but these clashes fail to cover a majority of the fur trade onslaughts. Fur trapping and trade played an essential role in the Seven Years' War, the American Indian War, and the American Revolution.

Men were organized into trading companies that operated more like representatives of European nations than modern corporations. The Europeans fought indigenous people, other Europeans, and even their countrymen, using offensive tactics to solve political disputes and expedite profitable deals.

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