18 Random North Korean Propaganda Posters (And What They Say)

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Since going communist in 1948 – when the two Koreas were created – the leaders of North Korea have used propaganda to help maintain the power, control, and superhuman image of their leaders. To that end, North Korean propaganda posters are part of a program of isolation and misinformation intended to emphasize the importance of the military, state, and struggle against the enemy – real or imagined. 

The art is striking and the messages are clear: Be strong! Fight imperialism! Always act with the State in Mind! Make sure there are plenty of rabbits! These North Korean posters with translations offer insight into what makes the communist state tick – and you can decorate your home with them, to boot. While you may not be able to be a North Korean dictator yourself, you can still decorate your home like one.

Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License