Weird History Dramatic Video Shows North Korean Defector Being Shot At As He Runs For The Border  

Rebecca High

A 24-year-old North Korean soldier defected to South Korea after a harrowing chase across the border. This rare and remarkable occurence was captured in a truly riveting video.

After commandeering a military vehicle, the defector drove south, bypassing a checkpoint as North Korean guards started to suspect something was amiss. As the border patrol began a prusuit, the soldier abandoned the jeep and made a run for the south as his former comrades shot at him from all sides.

The defector was shot multiple times but managed to haul himself over a wall onto the South Korean side before collapsing. 

A few hours later, as darkness fell, South Korea soldiers cautiously made their way toward the wounded solider and dragged him fully into South Korea. The soldier reportedly lost half of his blood and underwent multiple extensive surgeries. He is now recovering in a South Korean hospital, and you can watch his high-stakes escape right here in this video.