North Woods Law Is The Most Lit Nature Show You Can Watch Right Now

If you tune into Animal Planet's North Woods Law, you're in for a ride. The wildlife officers are tasked with anything from searching for lost hikers to capturing geese to rescuing mountain lions and everything in between. The show has been lauded for showing what it's really like to be a DNR (Department of Natural Resources) officer. 

Though this nature-centric show left Maine and moved to New Hampshire in 2016 for arguably controversial reasons, reception has mostly been positive for warden departments. Maine's warden department saw an increase in employment applications, and wardens in both states noted the importance of young fans who develop an interest in nature and conservancy.

The DNR officers in North Woods Law are shown in a variety of situations; sometimes it's a lighthearted moment with baby deer, but sometimes it involves carrying a woman's remains out of the forest or retrieving a body from a river. Here's a compilation of wild facts about North Woods Law as you binge watch the officers take on anything that comes their way.