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Everything That Happened In 'NOS4A2' Season 1, Episode 4: 'The House Of Sleep'

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NOS4A2's fourth episode delves into the pasts of the show's two major villains. We learn a lot more about what makes Bing Partridge tick - including murdering both his parents - and just how much he loved his mom. Charlie also explains a bit of his childhood to a kidnapped girl, and in doing so tries to justify why he takes kids to Christmasland. On the Vic McQueen front, we see how using the Shorter Way bridge is starting to affect her physically, and she and Charlie finally talk for the first time.

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    Bing's Dark Past Comes To Light

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    The fourth episode reveals an unfortunately dark past for Charlie Manx's latest helper, Bing Partridge. Flashbacks reveal that he received his trademark gas mask as a Christmas gift from his war-obsessed father – who also spent a lot of time abusing his son. That abuse clearly hit a breaking point in Bing's teenage years because another flashback – also around Christmas – revealed that he killed his dad with a nailgun while hanging Christmas lights.

    A scene later in the episode showed that Bing was actually in love with his mother, and assaulted and killed her after she found what he had done to his father.

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    The Shorter Way Takes Vic To Bing

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    After Vic learns that Haley and her mom have been taken, she realizes Maggie might not have been wrong. She uses the Shorter Way bridge to find them and, surprisingly, it spits her out at Bing Partridge's house. Unlike in the book, Vic and Bing know each other prior to Charlie Manx coming into their life – Bing is a janitor at Vic's school and the two are actually sort of friends. They're close enough that when Bing comes outside and asks what she's doing, Vic makes an excuse and takes off, thinking the bridge messed up for the first time.

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    Bing Keeps Haley's Mom In The House Of Sleep

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    Haley may be with Charlie headed to Christmasland, but her mom has been left with Bing. He refers to his home as the House of Sleep and is keeping Sharon in his basement. He makes her a plate of Christmas cookies, but when she insults him, Bing puts on his gas mask and hits her with the Gingerbread smoke and makes her tell him she loves him. Bing has a disturbing thing for moms, leading all the way back to his own.

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    Charlie And Haley Travel The St. Nick Parkway

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    Charlie ages up quickly, so he needs another kid to take to Christmasland in his Wraith. After he kidnaps Haley, the two head to Charlie's horrifying monument to the Christmas season on the St. Nick Parkway. The road is similar to Vic's Shorter Way bridge, allowing him to travel his inscape and, more importantly, get around without attracting unwanted attention. Haley initially fights back against Charlie questioning her about the person using the Shorter Way, but does accidentally drop that the person using it is a girl.

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