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Everything That Happened In The 'NOS4A2' Season 1 Finale: 'Sleigh House' And 'Gunbarrel'  

Jacob Bryant
July 28, 2019 76 votes 17 voters 20 items

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The two-hour season finale of NOS4A2 brought Vic and Charlie colliding together for a final showdown. Since the show has already been renewed for a second season, there was plenty of set-up for what lies ahead for The Brat, Maggie, Manx, and newcomer Lou Carmody. With two hours to fill, the episode included a major character death, a pregnancy reveal, Vic and Charlie's big fight, a time jump, and more. Be sure to vote up your favorite moments from the Season 1 finale.

Craig Hurts Charlie

When Charlie takes off thinking Vic is burning alive in Sleigh House, Craig is still stuck in the Wraith's trunk. He works to find a way out of the vehicle and eventually comes up with a crow bar. He knocks around in the trunk for a few minutes before locating the area right above the car's gas tank. He drives the crow bar through the floor of the trunk and straight into the tank causing a leak. The leak not only causes the car to lose gas but also hurts Charlie, whose nose starts bleeding.

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Charlie Finds Vic's Bike
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While Vic runs to the Sleigh House chased by the monster boy, Charlie finds her bike on the edge of the property. He grabs it and starts wheeling it toward the Shorter Way. Inside the house, Vic can feel her knife being messed with and staggers around as she searches the home for the keys to the Wraith. Charlie lifts the bike up and tosses it into the Shorter Way. Vic screams with pain as her knife falls onto the bridge without her on it. Both the bridge and her bike disappear and Vic's stuck at the Sleigh House with Manx.

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Vic Burns The Wraith, Killing Craig

Charlie distracts Lou long enough to knock him out with a gas nozzle. Vic sees this and grabs a separate gas hose to douse the hood of the Wraith. She holds a lighter over the car as Charlie pulls Lou's gun on her. Vic drops the lighter and the car goes up, and because of Charlie's link to it, he also starts to burn and age. Manx falls to the ground, about 100 years older, and Vic races into the front seat and tries to pull Craig out. Since the back seat functions as a sort of pocket dimension, Craig and the monster boy are stuck in the car. Craig tells Vic to get out and she listens just in time to fall out of the car and move away as the Wraith explodes.

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Charlie Burns Down Sleigh House
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After Charlie takes away Vic's only escape, he enters the Sleigh House looking for her. Vic barricades herself in a laundry room right as Charlie finds her. He tells her that he wishes Vic could have been the mother to his children at Christmasland but, since she's impure, she can at least provide them a decent meal. Vic refuses to come out so, before he leaves, Charlie douses the laundry room door and the hallway with gas and lights the Sleigh House on fire with Vic stuck inside.

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