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Everything You Missed In The 'NOS4A2' Series Premiere: 'The Shorter Way'  

Jacob Bryant
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NOS4A2 is the television adaptation of Joe Hill's popular horror novel. The story follows Vic McQueen as she learns about a power she has to find lost things with the help of an old Triumph motorcycle and a bridge that magically takes her where she needs to go, and the vampiric Charlie Manx who is on a mission to "save" children from abusive families and take them to his home called Christmasland. The show's premiere episode introduced us to those characters as well as a librarian who has magic Scrabble pieces, and a young boy kidnapped by Charlie who is slowly losing his humanity.

Maggie's Scrabble Tiles Tell Her To Look For Vic
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Maggie's first hint about Daniel's whereabouts don't bear much fruit and the police seem less than keen on her help, so she retreats to the local library she works at and turns back to her magic Scrabble tiles. She reaches in – somehow managing to get her whole arm into the bag – and pulls out pieces that hint she needs Vic's ability to find lost things to help locate Daniel. Unfortunately, she doesn't know it yet, because her pieces simply spell out "The Brat."

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Vic Attends Willa's Party
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Because Vic lives in a town where rich people tend to spend summers, most of her friends – or at least her friends' friends – don't really see life the same way as her. While at Willa's party, Vic is actually having a good time until some of the kids start to rag on her and, as she's about to leave, Willa's mom stops her to give her the credit card her mom had misplaced. Vic takes it, shocked, because when she had entered the Shorter Way bridge after running from her parents' argument about losing the credit car she had seen "Willa's" spray-painted on the wall.

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Vic Uses The Shorter Way Bridge To Find Her Dad's Watch
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After realizing the Shorter Way bridge she found in the woods hinted at where to find her mom's lost credit card – and hearing that her dad lost his watch – Vic drives her bike back out to where she found it and finds the bridge there again. This time she doesn't just poke her head in; instead she travels all the way through. The bridge spits her out near a diner her family had eaten at a few days earlier. Inside, one of the waiters gives Vic the watch her dad forgot.

On her way back through the bridge, Vic's headache comes back as bats fly around her head. Through the slats in the old bridge she doesn't see sky, or water, or grass, but instead just static. When she makes it through, she turns around to find the bridge gone.

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Maggie's Scrabble Pieces Help Her Track The Missing Boy
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Vic and Charlie aren't the only people in the show that have abilities that are channeled through unlikely items. In the same Middle America town in which Manx kidnaps the boy, a woman named Maggie becomes interested in the case. The cops are all too aware of Maggie and her curiousity about crimes. Apparently, she's helped them find certain people or things in the past. Her secret isn't just a keen detective mind: she's actually using Scrabble tiles as hints about whatever she's looking for. 

She reaches into her felt bag and the tiles she pulls out spell out a clue to what she's after. This time, they're pointing to Manx.

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