Things People Who Drove in the Early 2000s Remember  

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If you’re a late 80s or early 90s baby, and you started driving in the following decade, surely you remember car stuff from the early 2000s. Today you can look back fondly not only on the types of early 2000s cars and accessories, but also on the experiences that came with them. 
Police Radar Detectors
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The ability to know a cop was in the vicinity allowed you ample time to tap the brakes if you were a few miles over the speed limit, or at the very least, to make sure you were holding the steering wheel at 10 and 2 so you looked super normal and avoid getting any unwanted attention from an officer. Surely these detectors still exist, but they’re not as widely used as they once were, when everyone knew somebody who had one of these in their car.
Having to Crank the Lever to Roll Your Window Up or Down
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Not everyone had automatic windows in the 2000s, so they felt more like a luxury then, whereas now they’re almost a given when purchasing a new vehicle. Rolling your window up or down wasn’t just a small inconvenience, it was also a feat to do it gracefully - for example, if you were trying to smoothly roll your window down to talk to your crush. Generally, it was like having to rewind VHS tapes or wait for dial-up Internet to connect in terms of everyday peskiness.
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Having to Remind Your Passenger to Lock Their Door upon Exiting
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The people who didn’t have automatic locks know that it was almost certain your passenger would forget to lock their door when exiting the vehicle. So you’d have to remind them just as they were stepping out of the car or, if you were tired of constantly having to tell others to do it, you’d just reach over and do it yourself.