The Most Nostalgia-Inducing Thanksgiving Brands

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You know how some things are so linked with the holidays that the mere sight of them can take you right back to your favorite memories? Who can see a pumpkin or bag of candy corn without thinking of Halloween? Isn't it great how the sight of a strand of Christmas lights or a pack of shiny ornaments can make you feel the tingly nostalgia of Christmases past? When it comes to Thanksgiving, nothing says "binge eating bliss" like food, which is why we’ve put together a list of Thanksgiving kitchen brands that can take us right back to some of our favorite Thanksgiving feasts.

Was your family all about the Butterball turkey or do you get more of a hankering for HoneyBaked Ham? Do cans of Libby’s appear around your house each November in preparation for pumpkin treats, or do you think Edward’s Pecan Pie reigns supreme? Whether you’re a Sister Schubert lover or a Pillsbury Crescent connoisseur, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna find something here that will make your mouth water.

We’ve gotten the ball rolling with a bunch of nostalgic Thanksgiving brands, but we know that not all Thanksgiving chefs think alike. That’s why we invite you to add your own favorite time-honored Thanksgiving brands, and vote your favorites up to the top. 

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