'90s Computer Games You Remember Playing in 3rd Grade

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The early '90s were a great time for any kid who loved computer games. Computers were big, bulky, and slow, but the '90s computer games we ran on them were absolutely amazing. It’s hard to whittle down the best computer games from the 1990s because what we played at that age ingrained itself in our brains and became deeply personal.

Your favorite game from the early '90s might have been a weird bargain bin find from an electronics shop, or maybe it was an educational game that just happened to be super fun. 

Vote on the top ‘90s computer games you loved in elementary school. If you don’t see your favorite '90s game on the list, tell us what you loved to play in the comments. 

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    Back in third grade, the easiest way to pass the time in class without getting busted was to play a few games of The Oregon Trail. Even if you finished the game without passing of dysentery, you likely wanted to play this one over and over again. 

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    Photo: Doom/id Software

    Doom helped create the first-person shooter genre. If you were sick and staying home from school during the '90s, you probably spent more than a few afternoons blasting your way through Doom's many challenging levels. 

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    Earthquakes, tornadoes, and all kinds of disasters plagued players of Sim City. Nearly everyone spent some time playing God with this city-building simulation. 

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    Your parents probably weren't psyched about you playing a game about a muscle-bound character fighting off an alien invasion, but if you grew up in the '90s you definitely found a way to play this one. One of the original first-person weapons games, Duke Nukem paved the way for games like Mass Effect, Halo, and more. 

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    Math is not a favorite for many students, but back in third grade, Math Blaster made solving simple equations kind of fun. 

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    Laugh all you want, but SkiFree was the kind of simple game that pulled players into a never-ending world of snow and abominable snowmen. Whether you wanted to admit it or not, when you booted up SkiFree you were committing the next three hours of your day to hitting the digital slopes. 

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