Total Nerd '90s Internet Things Everyone Low-Key Misses  

Alex Welch
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The World Wide Web has changed a lot since its most recognizable inception in 1990. While a few websites have stayed the same since the '90s, most of the internet we use today has dramatically changed from the days of Geocities sites and AOL chatrooms.

There are stories about the old internet that may make you nostalgic for a time before all of our interconnectedness changed how we think. The internet in the '90s was less about working on your social media brand and more about making sure your Neopet was doing well. Redditors have come together on the new internet to wax poetic about all the old internet things we miss. 

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People Were Just There To Have Fun

From Redditor /u/Leftrightback:

How people weren't on it to build their image, advertise or sell things on whatever page.

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There Weren't Nearly As Many Ads

From Redditor /u/ruralgaming:


The gopher protocol was cool too

No ads

Lots of things.

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The Lack Of Online Messenger Trolls

From Redditor /u/Hurray_for_Candy:

I've mentioned this before, but back in the early IRC/AIM/usenet days you could make meaningful connections with total strangers. They weren't very many trolls and I had so many friends on various platforms. The people from newsgroups were super awesome and we would tape trade and send each other cool swag in the mail. People are so suspicious now, not without reason, but it sucks.

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It Was An Actual Escape

From a deleted Redditor:

The Internet was better before every jerk you knew in real life was on it, yes. It used to be for nerds and like with all our stuff, companies sought to commercialize it. My first site was on Angelfire. I loved MSN chatrooms. I've lived more of my life online than off.

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