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18 Adorable Makeup Products That Will Make You Insanely Nostalgic

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The '90s and early '00s were something of an enigma for fashion and beauty. For instance those heinous platform Sketchers, iridescent lip colors, glitter everything, and frosted tips. Today most of that is a distant memory, but certain nostalgic makeup products bring us back to a time when we ferociously snapped games of MASH into our trapper keepers and matched our glittery eyeshadow to the color of our braces.

Recently, lots of makeup brands are playing on '90s and early '00s nostalgia – from cartoon-inspired makeup emblazoned with our favorite Pokemon to the same tried and true brands we'd scour through at our Friday night trips to the mall. Though the world may have lost the Spice Girls and those edible cake-flavored cosmetics by Jessica Simpson are undoubtedly rotting in a desk drawer at our parents' house, the Internet is running rampant with nostalgic makeup. We don't even need to convince our moms to drive us to Claire's to get it.

Here are 10 makeup products that will make you nostalgic but are ready to wear right now. Go back to the days of Candie's shoes and Limited Too tube tops, things were better then. 

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved holiday classic for many '90s kids (particularly the ones who love all things spooky). Now you can relive the morbid charm of the film all year long, thanks to Hot Topic's Simply Meant To Be eyeshadow palette.

    Open up the palette's coffin-shaped lid, and you'll discover 12 bold shades, from silvery Tombstone to daring Bone Daddy black.

  • Photo: TonyMoly.Official / Instagram

    You're going to want to catch every single one of these beauty products from Korean beauty brand TonyMoly. The company introduced a line of oh-so adorable Pokémon-themed products. The line is absurdly diverse, ranging from Jigglypuff-themed eye shadow and Pikachu lip stain to Squirtle foam cleansers and Togepi hand cream. If Pokémon did exist in real life, these are totally the type of makeup products a master trainer would use to get dolled up before a major gym battle. 

    Tony Moly is super affordable, with everything costing under $20. Most items - from the lip stain to the blush compacts -- cost around $10. Unfortunately, the items in this line are rarer than a Legendary. Tracking them down is difficult, but you can find sellers on eBay or Asian retailers YesStyle.

  • Photo: Sola Look

    Saved by the Bell was a '90 kids favorite – now that we've mentioned it, just try to get the theme song out of your head. Sola Look celebrates the classic sitcom with its Saved By The Bell Metallic Liquid Lipstick Trio. It features vegan, cupcake-scented lippies named for your favorite characters: coppery Jessie, peachy-pink Kelly, and purple Lisa. Plus, they come in a super-cute box with a Bayside Tigers pencil.

  • Photo: Pur

    Pur's new eyeshadow pallette pays homage to the brightly colored horses in My Little Pony: The Movie. If you've ever wanted to feel like a magical, rainbow-colored horse, now is your chance. The palette is definitely not for those who fear bold color (what My Little Pony fan would?) and has a range of bright, shimmery purples, pinks, and greens. Aside from a bright orange, it has just about every color in the rainbow.

    For how much you actually get, the $29 it costs on Pur's website feels paltry.