Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Nostalgic Sci-Fi Films



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Vote up the most intriguing or amusing stories from the making of beloved science fiction movies.

While every decade features notable science fiction films, the two decades after 1977's Star Wars had something special going on - a pent-up energy released as filmmakers realized they had the technical tools to create mind-blowing visions, and that audience members were eager to go along with them. 

While many of us are content to sit back and enjoy the likes of Back to the Future, Tron, and Star Trek II and IV, others want to delve a bit deeper and learn how these modern sci-fi classics were made. In that spirit, we've rounded up some of the more interesting behind-the-scenes facts many viewers don’t know about. Take a look, and when you learn something interesting, give it an upvote to see which movie rises to the top!