19 Nostalgic TV Shows We'd Love To Watch Again - If They Weren't So Hard To Find

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TV shows come and go; it's the nature of the medium. Luckily, syndication and streaming have allowed us to keep watching some of our favorites long after they're canceled or run their course. The same is true for TV series that entertained us for hours when we were younger, with everything from sitcoms to dramas to procedurals just a few clicks away.

Every once in a while, a show from the past may pop into our heads, and when we go to find it online, it's simply not available. Limits based on where we're located might factor in, but many shows just aren't streaming at all.

To be fair, several of our favorites can be found on DVD, Blu-ray, or even VHS, but streaming would be so much easier. There might even be an episode or two - or several - available on YouTube, but the quality just isn't there, and they may not be entirely on the up-and-up. 

We got to thinking about some nostalgic TV shows we'd really like to watch - if they were easier to get our hands on. It turns out Reddit had a lot to say about this as well. Here are the 1980s and '90s shows that they want to see finally stream - vote up the ones you want to see, too!