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People Are Sharing Things That Are Normal In TV And Movies But NOT In Real Life

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Have you ever watched a television show or movie and thought to yourself, 'that's not normal?' Well, you're not alone, and just because something happens all the time in TV shows and movies, that doesn't mean it's something people do in any way in real life. Things like otherwise poor fictional characters living ridiculously lavish lifestyles — Yes, Monica's apartment in Friends is unrealistic!

People tend to notice this sort of thing, and when they do, they like to point it out. Occasionally, this amounts to someone sharing something that bugs them on Reddit, and other users love to pile on. These are the most unusual things that are normal in TV and movies but NOT in real life.

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    Starving Artists Aren't Really A Thing In Movies & TV Shows

    Posted by u/SDFDuck:

    Being a young, aspiring artist/writer/actor living alone in a nice, spacious apartment in a prime area of a big city like New York or LA.

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    Women Running Around In Heels Looking Fabulous

    Posted by u/ISeeMusicInColor:

    When women run around in heels with perfect hair and makeup, and the dirt and sweat make their hair and makeup look even better.

    Looking at you, Jurassic World.

    Posted by u/mobethe:

    My go-to on that is Megan Fox in the second Transformers movie. She’s running around caves in the desert and never gets a speck of dirt on her white tank top and white pants.

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    Ansering The Door Immediately

    Posted by a now-deleted Redditor:

    When they knock on the door or ring the doorbell and someone opens it within 2 seconds.

    Posted by u/Alaskan_Lost:

    I’d sit there for 30 seconds minimum tying to figure out why someone is at my house before I would even contemplate opening the door.

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    Hitting Someone On The Head With A Bottle To Knock Them Out

    Posted by a now-deleted Redditor:

    Hitting someone on the head with a whiskey bottle to knock them out. Pretty high risk of killing them.

    Posted by u/stuff_gets_taken:

    And then they wake up like they had a good nap and suffer no damage after saying "oof" and touching their head.

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